Please, help with how to add CHAPTERS!

Im looking for a very simple and reliable appz to add chapters to an already made DVD.

I DONT want to reencode the whole thing, edit the vobs or anything like that.

Just add chapters to a DVD that has no chapters, and plays start to finish all the time.

I have tried many appz and all of them had problems, because they re-authored the DVD, changed VOB sizes, reduced number of VObs, and added sync problems. I have tried CovertXtoDVD, Tmpgenc DVD Author 3 and another famous one I cant remember the name now (sorry!).

Is there a way to add chapters in a simple process, just editing the IFO file, without havving to wait hours for processing or even touching the already perfect VOBS?


Try PCGEdit. Look in the Title tab for PTT (Chapter) Editor.