Please Help, with (Hiss) from grandfather's audio, please


I have a few audio types of my grandfather and want to add them to a slide show I’m making. The problem is that there is alot of hissing, and clicks (pops). Is there a way to single out a certain noise, and remove it, so you are only left with the sound I want to hear?

Also some of the audio, is low, I think the mic might have been away from him, and it sounds distance, can I rasie the level, to hear it?

Please let me know what program to get, so I can make this happen, and I will get it. I dont care about the price, I just want to make this work.

Last thing, please email me with answer/idea’s, its hard to check all these sites often.


Thanks so mcuh for all the help

You need a WAV file editor. It lets you go in and remove ticks and pops. Regarding the low recording level, you’re probably stuck unless you can use a compressor.

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The best software for this is X-noise and X-click which are part of Waves Platinum Bundle; a professional editing software that goes for around $1800. You can use it with almost anything Nuendo, CoolEdit etc. It’s my personal fav though it has a large price tag on it for just 1 project.

The easiest way and probably the cheapest is to use CoolEdit Pro Cool Edit has built in NR and a Click Pop removal.

As for the low noise, this depends on the source, in CoolEdit you can give it a 3d, or 6d etc. boast and then run it through a gate and compressor and maybe EQ it.

Everything you are trying to do can be done, and fairly easily with Cool Edit Pro.

Hi Linda !

Here’s some additional info that might come in handy :wink: :

[COLOR=blue]guidance removing/reducing sound of scratches from LPs before burning

SoundForge 7.0 > Help > Contents and Index > Contents > Repairing Glitches, Clicks and Noise.

Algorithmix Sound Laundryâ„¢

Nero Wave Editor > Help > Help Topics > Index > Declicker/ Noise Reduction/ Normalizing etc.

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