Please Help with hard drive problem

I have a seagate hardrive 80g, it crashed, I installed another hardrive and installed windows xp, it has been running with no problem, what I need to do is I have some important documents that I need to copy off of the old hard drive. it will not boot up(it gets to the windows xp loading screen and just stays there. is there any way to have this drive as a second drive somehow and just goto certain files?

You can quite easily set it up as a slave drive by switching the jumpers on the back to slave (check the back of the drive itself, or documentation for what jumper setting to use) Then set your bios to boot up with your master drive, and it should recognize the drive you have set as a slave so that you can port files back and forth between them–unless, of course, the drive is seizing…then you can’t do anything with it.

Good luck!