Please help with dw-u18a

for a while now i havent been able to read or burn any dvds with my drive. i started having this problem after playing with the firmware.
I have tried most of the firmwares on the codeguys site that are compatible with my drive but still have the same prob. Current firmware in drive is CG5M
if i try and flash a stock firmware into my drive i keep getting the orange light flashing and drive doesnt work. if i patch the firmware with omnipatcher with the fix dead drive blink i can burn/read cdr perfectly but cant read/burn dvds at all. i have tried different dvd brands and typres (+ and - r) but still have the same problem. ive been reading around the forums for the last few hours and i think the problem could be with the checksum. If i click on repair checksum in the eprom utility i get an error “sorry the eprom checksum cant be repaired with this utility, contact the codeguys”

Any help would be greatly appricated guys


also if anyone has an eprom file for my drive could you please me it