Please help with DVDShrink (possibly general Q)

I’m trying to help someone out who is using DVDShrink. What I want to know is… does the actually back up process vary greatly from DVD to DVD depending on the copy protection scheme? For one of his concert dvds he gets like 150KB/s… but then other he can get 3350KB/s in maximum transfer mode. He’s trying a movie now, so I can’t report back on that yet.

His burner is a 16x LG drive… perhaps it’s not very good at reading copyright material or something.

Is it not advised to actually burn with DVDShrink as well? He tried burning a backup (which took 1 1/2 hours to get on the HD)… it also took that long to burn with DVDShrink. Should he just move the files into Nero and burn them from there?

Sorry about the questions… but would RAM help too as he only has 256mb? Perhaps DVDShrink combined with other XP processes is bogging his system down… could be slowing his burns down too.

Thanks for the input.

EDIT: Oh yeah, the IDE chanel is reporting Ultra DMA 2 as well, and not PIO.

A lot depends on the size of the dvd that Shrink is working on. The more it has to shrink (compress) the longer it takes. It also takes longer with slower processors and and little memory.The rip speed of the dvd player is also a factor. Burn speed at 8x should be from 7 to 10 minutes on any P3 500 to p4 3.4ghz with a 7200rpm defraged hard drive.
This is of course if the system isn’t bogged down with running software/or conflicts and no bastard drivers.