Please Help with DVDFab Gold/Platinum issue

I first downloaded DVDFab Platinum, then DVDFab Gold and I am having the same problem with both versions… I can not copy my DVD’s for some reason.

Here is all the info I know to this point:

  1. The Computer?
  • HP ZV6007US (2.0GHz AMD, 1.280GB RAM, 100GB HD, DL DVD/RW Burner, WinXP)
  1. What happens?
  • First I start either DVDFab Platinum or Gold and it asks me to insert the source DVD… so I do.

  • Next it goes through everything just fine, the screen says copy was successful, etc. It takes about 20-30 minutes to copy DVD and then the DVD drive pops open and it says something like no media available, please insert blank disc or something along those lines.

  • So I put in a DVD-R blank DVD and a screen pops up saying “No Media inserted. Please insert a compatible media to start the write process.” I am positive the DVD-R’s are good, it is a brand new package, just opened today and they are Fuji brand. I click ok and nothing happens, I hear a ding sound and the pop up window stays.

  • Sometimes after clicking ok, it will seem slike it is starting but then a new pop-up saying “Failed to Burn, do you want to burn again”

  • Only once did it actually seem to start burning but then after 20 minutes with nothing happening (Progress bar not moving and Percent remaining at 0%) I cancelled it and tried again.

I have been at this for a few hours now and finally decided to break down and “BEG” for help. Any replies with help would be great.

Thank you and I am sorry this request ended up being longer than I originally predicted.

Hi thumpher and welcome to cdfreaks.

This is a notebook?
Some of the older hp burners weren’t compatible with -R media, but I have trouble believing that’s still the case.

If you could post the make (manufacturer…not hp), model and firmware, it’ll help a great deal.
If not sure about this, just download and install Nero CD-DVD Speed (it’s free and a very useful utility, click on the link)
This will display the info…I’ll be right back with a screenshot


Are you able to burn anything to these discs? I mean outside of Fab, photos, other data…

Note this is a Benq…LS DW1655 and firmware BCGB.

Were did you download from?


Hello, I think I have the info you are requesting…

At the top of the DVDFab screen it says (Where source and target drives are):

D:[1:0:0-_NEC DVD+RW ND-6500A 2:81 {lde}]

Is this what you needed?

Thank you

Downloaded from the following link:

Yup, thanks.

These may be RITEK F1 discs.
Take a look at this link
Note the user comments re: Fuji…not sure what discs you have though
You can stick one in your drive and fire up nero (same utility as above, it’ll give you the MID (media code).

You’ll see that it’s hard to go wrong with Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim media.
There can be lottsa stuff going on…but quality media is always a good place to start looking… :wink:

What is the name of the DVD. You may need a dual layer disc or do movie only. Is DVD5 or DVD9 chosen and which mode are you using.


Ok, I did that… Here is what it shows under the “Disc Info” tab:

Disc Type: DVD-R
Book Type: DVD-R
Manufacturer: Ritek
Write Speeds: (Left Blank)
Blank Capacity: 4.38GB
4706076672 bytes

Extended Information:

Layers: 1
Usage: General
Copyright Protection: N/A
Recorded Information: (Left Blank)
Disc Status: Empty

After reading your questions and seeing my answers, I may see the problem… The blank discs I have are Fujifilm DVD-R Discs and it looks like this drive only handles DVD+R Discs… I was under the assumption this laptop (As up to date and loaded as it is) would handle both formats.

The description from HP on their website for this model laptop (ZV6007US) says it has the following Multimedia Drive (And I quote):

“DVD±R/RW and CD-RW Combo Drive with Double Layer Support”

So that obviously looks like it would except + and - as opposed to what I am descovering now.

Am I right, or ???

I am new to burning dvds but it is something I need to do because the little ones in the house are a little too rough to handle the originals. Again, I look forward to your reply and Thank you.

It should support SL dash Rs. I think the file is too large for SL DVD. Put the original DVD in the program that you are using to identify your DVD.


Check that same link post #6, you’ll find -R is ok, but not -R DL.
I still think that your NEC doesn’t like those Riteks.

Do you have any +RW or +R discs handy?

Stick with platinum for now. It is gold +, gold will add nothing.

You have your target size as dvd5 correct?

Well, get used to that…the big ones (19 & 20) aren’t much better, especially some of their friends… :bigsmile:
Enjoying the reprieve right now…they’re away at school, but the invasion will begin in mid April… :eek:

I wonder how many people realize Double Layer is DL+R and Dual Layer is DL-R?


Wow Mack
I quess you do learn something new evey day :wink:
Didn’t know that myself :bow:


Wow, I didn’t know that either. :bow: It’s amazing how a bit of information like that just gets looked over. Thanks ~ Mike :bigsmile: