Please help with dvd ripping

I would like to rip my cd of comedy sketches. However, I only want a particular sketch. Is there any program where you can set where you want the program to start ripping from and end? I’ve tried doing it by chapters, but it doesnt work. Can anyone help at all? I bow before all your knowlege


Are you trying rip a VCD or trying to rip a CD?? If it is a CD then just use total recorder and play it in any media player and start recording through the total recorder when you want to.

Hope that helps

Sum software dvd players offer you to possibility to let you c the current frame your watching just note down the frame where your sketch starts and were it stops.

Then use a program like dvdx you you can find it at

then fill in the export settings the frame range :slight_smile:

as easy as that m8

if you plan on using DVDx rip the whole dvd to harddrive with smartripper or dvddecrypter first. or DVDx will eat up your drive, at least earlier versions did.