Please help with dvd burning question

I Encoded and then Decoded (everything went well).
Then I burned with Nero and also I tried Primo Prassi. But all I get is this message when I try to play it… “a disc with unsupported format in drive”.
It will not play in my computer dvd player, or house dvd player.
I see all the files on the burned dvd disk they are:
Please help


most probably your problems are due to the data media. Poor media can cause that. As for your standalone DVD Player go to ( and check if you dvd player is compatible with the type of media you are using. For instance are you using DVD+R or DVD-R? Some player are not able to play both types.
I hope this can help.

Yes my player is compatible with Dvd-r.
My dvdrw is a Toshiba SDR5002, they say any 2x dvdr’s will work, but like you said maybe the ones I Have(yes they are 2x) are a cheaper brand. Can you or someone tell me if they are the files that I am suppose to have after I burn. Thanks.

I assume all the above files you listed were in the VIDEO_TS folder (must be CAPITALS) ? on the DVD you just burnt? If not, it will NOT play on any DVD player.