Please help with cant delete files



Would really appreciate some help out there with my earlier post

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You’re earlier message was…

As for the first part … so what? Yes, if you delete something (i.e. “replace it”) with a color or image - that feature, when selected, will still play for that length of time. The point of this feature is the still frame takes up very little disk space; but keeps your disc from crashing when a player can’t find a referenced title. The only down side of this is when the removed title is played by default before the menus … as in a trailer … and when your are prohibited from skipping ahead. If you always rip to the hard disk first with DVD Decrypter, that will remove the PUO’s that keep you from skipping ahead. I think Recode does that anyway (maybe only if you are using AnyDVD though, I’m not sure, as I always use DVDD). The short of it is - just skip ahead when you see the replaced screen. No big deal. Otherwise, I think you can remove the title altogether with something called, I think, “VOB Blanker” - but I’ve never used it. But you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it.

Issue 2:

If you don’t want to burn straight away, then just select a hard disk folder instead of your DVD burner as the “Burn To” target. You can then burn this at your leisure with Burning Rom.

Issue 3:

Search this forum, there is a recent thread on the solution to that issue. I never had it, I still use the 2nd most recent update.