Please help...with BWA and blindwrite5

I have a .BT5 extracted iso and i don’t know why the topology isn’t extracted :frowning:
It’s a securom game and i found a BWA, so BW5 don’t read this BWA:
using a plex premium i get this error “…topology information missing. Aborted”.
I think that the topology is inside BTI file and not BWA.
But is it possible using external topology outside BTI???

If not i must install BW 4.5.7 to write using plex premium. So maybe i’ll get some conflict using BW4 and Bw5 together…any solution?

I solved installing BW5…+ reboot + installing bw4 + reboot
Lastest patin coufin drivers seems works ok with BW4 and Bw5, no trouble.
I read my image using alcohol virtual drive and BW4…so i write BW4 image + old BWA using BW5. So why do not add a function to use native BW5 files and an external BWA or a little tool to convert BWA into BWi???