Please help with burning problems!

Hello all, :slight_smile:
I am quite new to all of this burning and copying stuff! So i am hopeing some of you with more experiance can help me.
I had nero 6 reloaded and dvd shrink on my pc and all was well. I have a lite on dvd burner model SOHW 1693s. I used my dvd software to burn back ups of my daughters disney movies. as we all know children love to scratch dvds so i keep the origional and use the back up as not to ruin the expensive copy!.
Any way i decided to update nero as it had update flashing to me. since i did this nothing has worked properly!
I have now re formatted the pc, put nero and dvd shrink back on to the origional way it was and still nothing.
I can burn cds. ican watch dvds but when it comes to burning dvds no luck. what can i do??? I have the following software at my disposial.

  • dvd shrink
  • nero 6
  • ulead video studio 8
  • pinnicale 9
    *dvd dcrypter

At the moment i have now again taken everything off so as to start again.
Can someone tell me what is the best way to sort out my pc? I do need to leave on region free pc software as my pc is region 4 but i have heaps of region 2 discs.
All I need to do is to copy my daughters dvds and put video files from my camcorder on to dvd also.



Welcome to CDF,
If you are using Nero 6 you need to remove it with thier [B]General Clean Tool[/B]. You should also use the [B]Driver Clean Pack [/B] and the [B]INCD Clean Tool[/B] if you had it installed. [B]Do not [/B] renistall INCD. You can get these tools here . They also have Clean tools for Nero 7 if you installed it.
[B]Make sure [/B] you save your serial number before using the clean tools. you can find it in Nero Start Smart.
If you are going to use Nero 6 the best version seems to be You no longer get it from Nero’s website but you can get it here .
Pinnacle 9 has some drivers that can conflict with Nero but I have never had any problems with Pinnacle after allowing Nero to remove them.
One of your biggest problems is the newer copywrite protection they are using. DVDShrink and DVD Decrypter having not been updated for almost 2 years cannot handle it alone. There is a really good program that works very well with DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter called [B]Ripit4Me.[/B] And it is Free! You can get it here . Download the installer (in bold red print) and make sure you have to correct versions of DVDShrink and Decrypter installed before installing Ripit4Me. You can get these versions from the Ripit4Me website. Use the One Button mode at first.
There is another great program you can use called [B]DVDFab[/B]. You can buy thier Platinum or Gold edition which will do everything you need with the click of one button. They also have a free version called DVDFab Decrypter that you will have to use DVDShrink to compress the files and an burning applicatoin like Nero.
There is a burning program called [B]ImgBurn[/B] that is easier and better IMO than Nero. The only thing you will have to do to use it is save your files in DVDShrink as an .img file on the first Backup page. You can get ImgBurn here .

Thank you for all of this info. it is a little overwhelming but i am going to give it a go.
Some of these programs you have mentioned to use seem a little confusing! that is why i liked dvd shrink. all i had to do was stick a dvd in press open and the computer did the rest. Can i ask you, after using nero clean tool etc to make sure that all is removed, do i then put nero back on with my disc or the link you have shown above? and do i put nero on first before any of these other programs? Also will my region free software(the one with the smily face that goes green) affect nero or other programs that i want to use? And if i put in rip it 4 me will this work the same as dvd shrink? or do i use dvd shrink to encode and then rip it 4 me to burn? or the other way around?(ripitfor me to encode and dvd dcrypter to burn?)
I am sorry for all the questions but im only a girl who doesnt know much about all this pc stuff. i just want it to work!!
Thanks for the feedback i look forward to you next reply!

First thing is to remove DVD43 (the program with the little green smiley face). It hasen’t been updated for a long time and can conflict with other ripping programs.
After you use Nero Clean Tool I would install version from the link above.
Ripit4Me is just a ripping program that works with DVD Decrypter and then leads you to DVDShrink. Very easy, really! It just takes 2 processes to do what DVDShrink used to be able to do in 1. You will still need to use DVDShrink to compress it to fit on a single layer disc and some burning program like Nero to burn it. The “One Click” method of Ripit4Me is just that, “one click”. It even opens DVDShrink for you when it is done.
The free version of DVDFab is basicly the same way. The pay version is a ripper,shrinker and burner all in one.
I too miss just using DVDShrink alone or with DVD43 but with all the new encoding they are adding and changing monthly You need something else. It is too bad that DVDShrink is no longer updated. It was the best and still is the best program (with a little help) there is IMO.

Hello. Thanks for all that info. i have started out wrong to begin with. i did not remove dvd43. i installed nero after using the clean tool and then went and installed dvd shrink,dvd dcrypter and ripit4me. i then tried to burn a dvd but it told me about dvd43 to turmn off and i clicked yes. i then put in a region 2 dvd and went on to copy it. it started to do it via dvd decrypter and when it got to the end and ready to burn it said that ripit 4me could not do it. is this all because dvd 43? I am about to uninstall everything again using the clean tool anddriver clean tool etc. so i have no burning programs on the pc again. i hope this is the right thing to do! then i will install nero again with out dvd43 and the pattin cofin driver on the pc. i will then wait to hear your reply as i need to aske you the following!
do i need both dvd shrink and dvd dcrypter on the pc with ripit4me? or can i use just ripit4me with dvd shrink to put it on dvd? also how do i overcome the region issue? that is why i had dvd43. my pc wa from the uk and on region 2. i changed it to region4 when i moved to OZ . but many of my dvd including the disney ones i backup for my daughter are region 2. dvd43 solved this problem when i was using dvd shrink and let me copy any region. and watch anyregion. now i do not have dvd43 on the pc how will i backup my region 2 and region 4 dvds? also i get some from the states so they are region1.
sorry again for all the questions but as i said i am useless at all of this and i am getting so frustrated with all the clashes with software!! its driving me nuts!
thanks look forward to your reply

[B]We are not in Kansas any more ToTo!

Hello again. :slight_smile:
I have uninstalled everything with add and remove programs and used clean tool and drive clean tool for nero. I then took off dvd 43 and patincoffin and made sure it was gone with drive tool for nero.
I have now re installed nero from your link then installed dvd shrink dvd decrypter and then ripit4me. all was well.
Then i thought i would give it ago to copy a dvd for backup. i put the dvd in and launched ripit4me. it came up with the note it was region 2 and the pc is region 4 and it would do the other long verson to copy it. it did its thing with dvd decrypter and at the end it said that ripit4me was aborted as it could not go any further. log attached.
lo it has saved the log but i dont know how to fix this problem.
Im not having much luck am i!! :confused:

Please help me. :sad:


If I were you I would do uninstall every thing then only install Nero 6 and DVD Shrink only because for all pratticall purposes that is all you need to copy any DVD movie you have. on DVD Shrink make sure you set the DVD Region box to Region Free also since that is work for any region you might be in.

Thanks I will give this a go as i have just tried to burn a dvd with dvd shrink only again and it went all the way to the endof the cycle,said it had burnt ok and then when i tried to play the disc it was blank. it had not burnt the dvd at all. but said it had???!!!
any ideas on that one?