Please help with burning home newby

I’ve just registered here, thank for having such a great forum. I have some footage shot on a miniDV cam of my newborn baby that I want to burn onto a DVD. I’ve transfered the footage onto my PC via firewire and MovieMaker s/ware and burnt it onto DVD, but the quality I get replayed on DVD player is realy crap. The picture is not unwatcahble, but it’s got that sort of slowed down/ stuttering effect. I’d just like to know which format it is the best to capture my footage in Movie Maker (or similar), because I might be saving it in a wron format.I used High Quality NTSC or something like that. Edited and put together all the clips in Movie Maker and then burnt with DVD Suite’s Power Producer. BTW, PP took 3 hours to burn the DVD so there’s obviously something wrong there as well.Can you also recommend a s/ware that will burn normal/high quality DVD.
Thanks very much, and if you need me to provide any more info, pleae let me know.

A couple of our video enthusiasts here at cdfreaks recommend Ulead Studio 11 for this type of thing. There is a free trial you can download to test the software and see if it suits you.

The 3 hrs processing was probably converting the DV format to dvd format. That is a fairly long time though, and may depend on speed of your computer as much as the quality/speed of the encoder.

Hi Kerry,
thanks for reply. I’ll check out Ulead, I’ve just downloaded demo of sony vegas as well. my main question I guess is what format to save the file under, when I dump it into PC from DV cam, because I think that might have had something to do with the quality of the final outcome. Power producer that I was using has an option to get stuff straight from DV onto DVD but the computer on which I’ve got the firewire connection, wouldn’t run the PP for some reason, so i had to save the file as .wmv (I think it was) and then burn tyhe DVD on another PC.
MAybe if I could go straight from DV cam onto DVD I could get better quality?? Dunno…anyone else with any other suggestions. It’s just that sort of slowed down effect I got, that realy looks unreal and crap.
Thanks in advance for any further help.

Yes you should go straight to the computer as DV then convert. Saving as .wmv means converting twice and that will definitely lose quality. Either Vegas or the Ulead program should work for you. I don’t know which version of Vegas you have, but Vegas Pro is a huge step up in price and complexity, though much more capable in what it can do.

Just to add a bit to what Kerry56 told you…
When working with video, if you want to edit the video, or add transitions/effects/filters, you want the video in DV-AVI format. If you just want to convert the video to a dvd, and if your pc has the capabilities of doing a hardware/software conversion direct to MPEG2, you can capture directly to that format (or in cases, wmv, mpeg4, etc…) But in my opinion, it is best to capture to dv-avi, and then convert to whatever format you want.

I have both semi professional software (Vegas Video, Adobe Premiere) and consumer level (Ulead Studio 11 plus, and Pinnacle Studio 12). For the general user, Ulead Studio, Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Premiere Elements, and Vegas Movie Studio, all offer more than the average user will ever need, and all are good all in one editing/authoring packages.

As with anything, there are other special tools that will be needed for specific functions. For example, if you have shaky video, you will need virtualdubmod with the deshaker filter. For other specific functions, AVISYNTH has some very useful tools.