Please help with burning a video DVD using Linux that will play in a standalone player

Hi this is my first ever CDfreaks post.:slight_smile:

I’ve been using DVD Shrink and Nero to shrink and burn video DVDs with much success. The process is very easy on a Windows based machine.

How do you do the same thing with Linux?

So far I’ve got DVD Shrink working with Wine and If the results are burned on a Windows machine with Nero the resulting disk works great. Therefore the “ripping” stage seems to work fine with Linux. The burning stage is what is giving me a problem.

I’ve tried pBurn (Puppy) and K3b (Sabayon with KDE) and the resulting disks do not work in a stand alone or a MicroSoft based computer.

Thanks In Advance for any help.

More details the next post…

The disk burned with pBurn was “data” disk with audio_ts and video_ts folders. It would not play in a standalone but both Windows and Linux video players could play the individual VOB files contained the the video_ts folder. pBurn lacks a “Video DVD” option so I gave up on pBurn in favor of K3b.

The K3b burned disk is very strange. It plays fine on all Linux machines but does not work at all on any Windows based system. XP does not access the disk at all and calls it “invalid media type”.

This is how the disk was burned using K3b:

This is what Vista sees on the disk:

This is what Puppy Linux sees on the same disk:


I’m still curious as to why the K3b burned disk does not work, however I’ve discovered a workaround.

Instead of having DVDShrink make audio_ts and video_ts folders on the hard drive, I’m having DVDShrink make an ISO file instead. Burning the resulting ISO seems to work fine.

By default, K3B makes a DVD with Rock-Ridge & Joliet Extensions.

Change the FileSystem to “UDF” for Video DVD’s.
When you press the burn button, click on the filesystem Tab & select UDF.

The UDF revision is suitable for Video DVD’s, but won’t work for AVCHD’s (shrunken bluray) :frowning: