Please help with binflash and 3500

Two floppies? Good lord. :slight_smile: I have enough of a time finding ONE reliable floppy. LOL! :slight_smile: But seriously, that IS an option. OTOH, I find loading all that crap into memory is not conducive to bios flashing anyway, so, I generally use a clean dos image with nothing loaded. DOS CD drivers COULD potentially cause issues with bios flashing if they get loaded. Just a thought.

you don’t need dr dos just win98 boot disk works fine also… choose not to load cd rom drivers and you are basically in dos… if you don’t have a disk just to
download win98se boot disk and away you go… by the way it is a great site to get boot disks…

also I just put the firmware and the flasher on my C drive and I usually can see it after booting up with the win98se boot disk… that way I don’t have to have other floppies… if scsi it is a little more difficult to do it this way.

are you saying you can’t download the drdflash.exe from

Dr DOS Disk For Bios Flashing | Alt1 | Alt2 | Alt3 | Alt4

These will take up only 120K on the floppy and has the 3 files needed for a bootable floppy and you won’t need to concern yourself as what files to erase using the other methods.

I always use the DR DOS disk and it works perfectly. Write it out to a floppy, add your files. Or, for non-dvd bios flashing I just inject the files I need into the image, write it out as an IMA and use Nero to make a bootable CD. Works every time.

Wow! You guys are all the best! I can’t believe the response. I am making a backup of one of the movies I have purchased as we speak. I even upgraded to the 2c8 firmware and it seems to be working great. I thing from now on I will flash using the IDE to avoid all of the hastle with the external enclosure. Thanks again NEC forum members!


I got tired just reading this thread-



Whats’s more intersting is that if he’d just left it alone, he could have been backing up for the last three days rahter than learning dos…

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Yea, but where’s the fun in that?? Now he knows a lot more about dos and how to flash his drive correctly. So, it wasn’t a completely wasted experience. :slight_smile:

Understand! :cool:

Just wish people would spend a little more time with the drive testing media and evaluating the need, or lack thereof, before flashing.

Just an opinion, not an argument! :wink:


No, I definitely agree with you on that one. Just because there is a “newer” firmware out there does not mean it’s for everyone. As I said in another thread, if the drive is doing what you need it do, don’t mess with it.

Hey guys this was actually fun, and appreciate the education. The reason why I felt the need for the firmware was primarily for the increased ripping speed. I really am impressed with the speed of my 2c8 firmware. Thanks again for all of your help…


My flash was so easy - downloaded Herries - downloaded winrar.exe - loaded the winrar - clicked on the Herries file - followed the instructions and WALA - I’m flashed and all is right with the world - took maybe all of 10 minutes - downloads and all - no DOS - no bin files - very easy -

Did I miss out on some serious fun here??



In dondulah’s case, he had to do it in DOS because he had a badly flashed drive in an external enclosure. The only way to recover from that is to put the drive on an ide bus and flash it from DOS by forcing it. However, ordinarily, the EASIEST solution I’ve found is to use the awesome Liggy’s binflash util (gui version is recommended for non-commandline oriented people) and flash just about any firmware you want. Truly sweet, IMO. Nonetheless, I’m glad your flashing experience went well and took very little time. Truth be told, I’d rather be USING my drive than flashing it. :slight_smile: I’m all for trying new things, but, in the end, I want a drive that burns DVD’s that I and my friends can use. If it does that and a new firmware doesn’t offer me anything over what I’m currently using, I’ll just skip it.