Please help with binflash and 3500

Hi guys,

After doing much research on this forum. When I installed the drive I scanned it no problem with binflash and it recognized the drive and 2.16 firmware. I decided to flash my new 3500 with windows binflash with the 2c8 se firmware. First I dumped the 2.16 for backup which went fine, then flashed via binflash the 2c8 se firmware. Binflash froze half way through. Went I re-booted the green light on my drive was flashing and my computer would not recognize the drive. The drive won’t even eject mannually. Since the flash did not go through is my drive toast? Please help.

Try flashing it using a dos boot disc with the dos version of binflash. That is probably your only chance of recovering the drive, but, quite a few people have been in your boat and have recovered it successfully in dos. Good luck!

Sorry, I didn’t mean binflash, I meant herrie or TDB’s dos flasher…

BTW did you unpack the .rar file before you tried to flash… seems as if some other people had the same problem because they did not unzip or unrar a file before trying to flash with it… i hope this is of some help to you…


I did unpack the .rar file before trying to flash. I am going to try the dos flasher. I tried herrie’s window flasher but it was unable to locate a dvd drive. If anyone else has any ideas please let me know. I am going to try the TDB’s dos flasher. Thanks!

It shouldn’t need to find it. You should be telling it what the drive is connected to. I.E. pri mas or sec sla, for instance. It won’t find the drive at all by scanning for it. But, if you specify where it’s located, you should be able to flash to it. Good luck!!


I humbly ask for your help. I have been desperately searching the forums to find a solution. My windows xp doesn’t even recognize my drive. I know before I tried to update the firmware windows recognized it as drive “I:”. Do you know anywhere I can find out how to flash in DOS or where I can fine TDB’s dos flasher because I could only fine TDB’s windows flasher. Thanks again.

I forgot to add that my drive is connected via an external oxford 1911 enclosure.

That’s a very important detail you ‘forgot’ to mention. A lot of people had problems flashing their external drives, only few succeeded, regardless of the flashing tool used. An example of a successful flash of an external drive, using binflash, can be found here (user randomwalk101). Maybe that helps. If not, you can always remove the drive from the external enclosure and connect it to an IDE port of your PC for flashing.

I tried plugging my drive into the IDE port and it still will not recognize the drive. In addition, when I originally tried to flash my drive, I followed the exact steps mentioned in the link that you posted by (user randomwalk101). Do you have any other ideas to try and get my drive back. Thanks!

You don’t seem to getting it… Install the drive to an ide port in the box and point the flash to it. It doesn’t have to be recognized!

Boot to a dos disk!

Example command line: nec3x00a -sec -mas -flash 3500rpc1.bin

Alright, do the following. Download the TDB DOS flasher for the NEC 3500A from here: (NEC ND-3500A (ND-3100A), Version 1.00 for DOS file under “Firmware flashers”)

Plug your drive in one of your free IDE ports, let’s say as secondary master. Then follow the instructions of this little tutorial by chrome307 (which was made for the NEC 25xx drives, just modify the commands for the NEC 3500 accordingly (read the readme file that comes with the TDB flasher for DOS for details).

Edit: pcdoc posted the correct commands for the NEC 3500 already.

pcdoc…how you like that M/B? Friend of mine ordered 1 the other day and have to help him build his new ste-up…any grips?

No complaints, have a couple 100 boxes out using this board without issue. IMO, it’s the best 875 board out there… :iagree:

kewls…works that well might have to get 1 myself…thanx for the info


I will try this and let you know how this works. Thanks!

Those guys gave you the best info possible. And yea, knowing that it was in an external case was absolutely KEY information to this problem. Good luck and I hope everything works out for ya.

Packetloss or Samuri,

I was unable to obtain the DrDOSv7x file from bootdisk. Can’t I just go to my computer, right click on the A: drive, format and choose create MD DOS disk and boot from that? Thanks!

Sure ya can…

Yup, the only reason I don’t recommend that is because it’s not clean and doesn’t leave a lot of space on the disk for the flasher and bin, but, if you delete all the extraneous stuff, you should be good to go.

You can use two floppies
Make a bootable DOS floppy and put the Flasher and BIN file on the 2nd floppy.
Boot into DOS from first floppy then insert the 2nd floppy with the flasher and BIN file and run the flasher program.