Please help with bin file

:a either im so stupid and the answer is right in front of me and i cant see it or something.heres what i have: i have a bin.cd1, cue cd1,bin.cd2,and a cue cd2. how the @$#@ do i get it on a cd i did one movie already using vcd easy and it worked out fine but it was with mpeg file. now this one is showing a bin. file and a cue file. when trying to use vcd easy its asking to load mpeg file:a . am i using the wrong program? do i have to convert the bin or the cue file?PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IM MISSING OR WHAT STEPS I SHOULD BE TAKING! yes i looked thru the tutatorials and i didnt see anything that related to the problem i think im having.sorry but IM SOOOOO FRUSTRATED:confused:

I belive that the forum rules state that people are not meant to ask/ give help on anything that sounds like warez.

Yes I do know the answer but don’t want to break the rules as far as I know them.

If I am wrong then don’t worry someone will be along shortly to post the answer.

Your using the right program, just loading the files into the wrong place.

Run VCDEasy, click on the Tools button and then on the CDRDAO Tools tab. In the “Burn a CUE…” section just load in your disk1 and hit the Burn button.