Please help with a sony DW-22A

my drive now shows in bios as a 1633 but when windows loads it dont show enything ??

can not even flash the dam thing now as windows can not see it what can i do ??

@ scotterx
Try uninstalling the drive in BIOS and restart, to let it get redetected. If you cannot do that in BIOS, just power down and disconnect the drive and power up, then power down again and reconnect it.

You could always try to flash it in someone elses system…

@ please …thanks for the info i did that but i also hade a look at the aspi as when i put a difrent drive in it did the same so i used force aspi to get rid of it then reinstall it and its working ok now but the problem with the cdr`s not working on one drive is still there they are sending me a new drive out for morning so not to bad

and with the liverpool game being 0-0 not a bad night now all i need is some sleep :slight_smile: