Please help with a couple of problems!



Hey, I’ve got what I BELIEVE is a BTC 16x DL internal drive. It was purchased November from Staples (the $19.99 rebate deal) under the distributor Digital Research Technologies. When I first got the drive installed, I flashed it to A190, which worked terrifcally for SL media. I attempted my first DL burn a couple of days ago with a Fujifilm DVD+RDL 2.4X disc, and ended up with something which reads the first layer fine, but locks up the burner when you try to either explore the video_ts folder, or play the movie in the parts contained in the second layer. Sooooooo…I installed the Liveupdate bundled with the drive, which recommended the a090 bios as the newest (which seemed odd to me…), and flashed the drive. That was when Win2K alerted me I’d unsafely ejected the device. Now the drive isn’t being seen by my computer at all, nor will it eject the tray so I can get the disc I had in there at the time.
So I’m trying to unflash the drive back to factory preset, but I can’t figure out which version of the firmware I need. The only info printed on the drive is as follows:

Model Number: DVDRW

Anyhoo, I’m hoping someone can tell me where to get the right firmware to repair the drive, how to accomplish this as the drive isn’t visible in Windows2K, and, as a bonus, if there’s a particularly good burning software to use with this drive to produce compatible DL discs.

Thanks, guys!


Replace the IDE cable or buy a better/new burner.