Please help, what's the best option for these PGC break?

Hello everyone,
Please help me to choose the best option and please explain the reason if you could :slight_smile:

All these yellow (good) stars previews are all the same, but I don’t understand why the PGC’s are all different.
Which one is the best to set the layer break?

Thank you in advanced.

AFAIK, any one of those yellow * positions should be good, since that will/should set where the data starts being written to the second layer of the disc…
FYI you can select one and use the ‘Preview Selected Cell’ button to help in choosing where you want the least/minimize/hide the layer break pause…

LUK could give a definite answer but I suspect the PGC’s 1-5 are the different Audio tracks. If that’s correct then #1 is probably English 6 channel.
So you would select #1 if that’s what you want.

Yeah, any of the yellow ones will do (the 1st is most logical).

They’re all dupes of eachother - notice how the LBA is the same, and it’s only the LBA that really matters.

ok thanks everyone, I’ll choose the 1st yellow star then.