Please help! Trying to install new DVD burner right now!

I’m trying to install a Pioneer DVR-A07XLA burner and I’ve screwed up. This is my first attempt at modifying anything in a computer. I have a Dell Dimension 4100 with XP Home. I HAD a NEC DV-5800A (DVD player) and a Sony CRX 160E (CD burner) when I purchased it. I’d decided to take out the CD burner and replace it with the Pioneer DVD burner. I thought it would be as easy as removing the CD-R and matching the settings with the new DVD burner, but now it’s not recognizing either drive at all. I even tried putting everything back to the original condition and it still doesn’t work. Is it possible I’m not connecting it right or what. The jumpers seem to be correct. Please help!

OK, here are some steps that I recommend you follow:

(Assuming that you’re using the Secondary IDE channel for both opticals)

  1. Take both drives out of the system.
  2. Look at the jumpers and make sure the Pioneer burner is set to MASTER and your DVD reader is set to SLAVE.
  3. Now, connect the power cables and IDE cables into the back of the drives and install them into the system, making sure that MASTER plug of the IDE cable (the plug at the end of the riibbon cable) is connected the the burner and the SLAVE plug (the plug in the middle of the ribbon cable) is connected to the reader.
  4. Reboot the system and it should all go well. You might want to update your drives with the latest firmware revisions.


its not important which plug is connected to what drive…
You ONLY need this plug description when using ‘Cable Select’ on all drives.

You only need to set the “jumper” to match the configuration you want to use.

For example, if you want to use a Pioneer DVD writer as main drive and a Sony CD writer as auxilliary drive, set the jumper of the Pioneer as “Master” and the jumper of the Sony as “Slave”.

If there are already two IDE/PATA data cables, one for hard drive and the other for CD/DVD drive, use the second cable for connecting both Pioneer and Sony. Most IDE/PATA cables have three connectors, one for motherboard, the second for DRIVE 1, and the third for DRIVE 2. You must connect only either one of the ends to motherboard (onboard 40 male pins) but there is no difference whether you choose the middle connector or the other end for a drive unless you have chosen “Cable Select” jumper which is almost never used these days.

If you are still confused, experiment with the system configuration a little, preferably after detaching your hard disk drive(s). Nothing will be hurt on the Dell system. You don’t have to boot into the Windows XP to check it.

Yeah that I understand, that’s one easy way of changing your drive letters while preserving the master/slave settings! :slight_smile:

But I would have thought that installing the drives with the right plugs would eliminate one variable…


I would also recommend using a 40-ribbon IDE cable. Some manufacteres e.g. Plextor recommend using those instead of UDMA133 80-ribbon cables.

UPDATE: I have the drives working but I haven’t tried burning anything with the DVD Burner yet. I have both drive jumpers set to Cable Select. It this not correct? If so, what is the right way. I have to admit, the initial problem was pretty silly. I had accidentally pulled the ribbon cable loose off of the motherboard so the drives were not being recognized! Once I checked that they were detected. I already ran the latest firmware update from Pioneers website for the DVD burner. Thanks to everyone for the help. This site is GREAT!

you can leave both drives at Cable Select. It’s not the optimal solution but you won’t have any disadvantages of using it.