Please Help!...Tried everything!....:(

Here goes…Being the speed freak that I am, I tried flashing a perfectly working Liteon LTR-52327S CD-RW drive. Of course with my luck, something goes wrong and I kill the drive. My fault all the way. Windows does not recognize the drive now and the green light in front is always on. So I am trying to recover this “dead” drive I have tried using Mtkflash in DOS (differnt versions) and also the Windows version of Mtkflash. I have set it to slave but Mtkflash never does anything when I type the the command:

mtkflash 2 w /b QSOE.bin

I am doing something wrong? I have tried searching the forums (Great site by the way) but I still have no luck with getting this drive to work. I really do not want to quit with this drive. I REALLY would appreciate if someone could walk me thru the steps or correct me on what I am doing wrong. I would in debt to you. Thanks.

…Also. If anyone has brought a LTR-52327S back to life, can you please tell me what .bin was used or programs and settings to use. I have tried many versions of Mtkflash and different bins. Thanks again.


Hi and welcome around the forums,

can you see the drive in the bootscreen? if not try this:

-set the drive as master
-disconnect the IDE cable
-DOS boot with a working CD/DVD-ROM drive as master
-disconnect the the IDE cable and connect the CD-RW
-flash your drive

this may work


Thanks for replying. Okay, here is a stupid question. When is the PC supposed to be on during those steps? Example: Do I disconnect the IDE cable from the working drive and switch to the dead drive while the PC is on? I don’t mean to sound stupid I just want to know? I REALLY thank you for helping me!


all jumper settings and work on PC should be done when PC is OFF.

true but in this case you should change the IDE cable after DOS booting when the PC is on. Just change the IDE cable and not the power supply.