Please help!...totally Lost!

Ok, I’ve got a Philips CDRW2412A and I’m trying to create backup copies of The Sims games. Now I’ve downloaded Clony XXL and CloneCD. Now CloneCD’s website tells me that my burner has enough compatibility and I understand everything that ClonyXXL is telling me to do. But when I get to CloneCD I get completely lost! Clony tells me on my reader (NEC CD-ROM 32x) that I need to set the speed to 4x and click skip bad sectors, and on the writer to Enhance weak sectors and use either DAO or SAO RAW. Now I don’t have the DAO-RAW compatibility but still, I don’t see where you make tose changes in CloneCD though. Any help would be great. thanks :bow:

Unfortuneatley your burner Does not seem to support correct EFM Encoding that is needed to back up games with Safe Disk 2.

The game Sims that you are mentioned, if its any of the old series would use the Safe disk 1 which you should not have any problem backing up with your burner.

Now if you are trying to back up any of the new variety of the Sims games, they are protected with the Safe Disk 2 and your writer will need to use the AWS to be able to have a sucssesful back up of these titles.

Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that AWS would work with your writer !

Note The setting for this is only apparent when you are reday to write the disk !

Now as for the settings suggested in Clony, they are a bit more conservative than normal, and personally if you are having difficulty as to what settings you should chose you would be much better off using the default Game profile in Clone.

As I am sure you have noticed Clone 4 is now using a profile system to read and write the CDs.

Using of the profiles can make it a lot easier and faster to get results and most often would take the guess work out of settings the appropriatesettings.

If you have used Clony XXL and have transferred the settings to Clone as it can, then Clony would generate a Specific Profile called _ Clony XXL in the list of profiles that you can see.

Right clicking on that profile and then choosing the Edit would let you look over all the settings and either change or customise them as you see fit.

I would strongly suggest for you to have a look at this section that contains pre-made profiles that Futureproof and G@M3FR3@K have created.

and download this,

Once done then extract the zip file into this directory

C:\Program Files\Elaborate Bytes\CloneCD\Profiles

provided that you have installed the clone in you C: directory.

Settings in these profiles are by far more accurate and efficient to use that using the recommended 3rd party protection scanner recommendation.

Hope this was of some help.

Good Luck

Ok, all the info that you gave me was awesome, thanks. But now I think that it’s just my reader that is screwing the whole thing up becuz it’s not the newest and it is not compatible with some of Clone’s features. But I’m trying to write an image file and in Clone right now and it’s taking forever! It’s at like 10kb!! I even boosted my read speed to 20x! Also, it’s failed to read like 20 sectors. Any other suggestions?

Originally posted by jeager521
But now I think that it’s just my reader that is screwing the whole thing up becuz it’s not the newest and it is not compatible with some of Clone’s features.
Test your image in D-Tools; if the image works without emulation then you have a RAW image. If it needs emu then it’s not RAW