Please Help To Remove unsucessful un-installtation...!


yesterday i found that someone has crashed in to my computer (I still thinks that should be my own brother) and deleted some program files in JetAudio.So then i try to un-install it and it didn’t un-installed successfully.Even the files are gone, it still persists on my Add/Remove programs.

Also time to time i get few error messages that looks like they have pretty good relationship with JetAudio.Due to these few problems, now my pc starts bit slowly.Any suggestions other than formatting the PC..?

Reinstall that program and then do reboot and then go to add/remove panel and see if the doesn’t remove it properly. Other wise your left with something like CCleaner to clean out the remaining program. But first do a reinstall and uninstall of the program and see if that doesn’t fix the problem.

well i tried it with Ccleaner.But it didn’t removed it.

Did you also try to reinstall that program itself and then try to uninstall it after ???

[QUOTE=coolcolors;2226482]Did you also try to reinstall that program itself and then try to uninstall it after ???[/QUOTE]

sorry for the late reply.yes i tried that also.No luck.however one of my friend told me to use JV Powertools 2009 from macecraft and check whether the problem still persists. He said it corrected lot of issues in his now i am going to check that one too. will let u know.


sorry for the late reply.i was super busy with my exams and i was out from the home for some time.So i am very happy to say that JV Powertools 2009 did it for me.

I ran a scan and found 10 errors and i fixed them using their tools.

Then i restarted the PC and now it loads very fast.(nearly about 30 secs).Also jetaudio has been recovered to the original state. I think JV Powertools has eliminated the unwanted registry files which effects the JetAudio and re-install it using correct setup.Its been some time i have used it and so far PC works super fine.No errors or application conflicts like other registry cleaners.Love it…!

I really thought to tell about it cause i know it will be helpful to someone who has the same problem as me.