Please help to make my mind up which CD-RW OF THE 3 BELOW?



i have searched the entire web learnt a lot about burners recently have had much conflicting information i think you are the final people i shall ask here !! i am due to buy a cd-rw i have narrowed down to the following crx160e (which i favour cos i can get it very cheap) ricoh 7083a or Mitsumi 4805te ( my latest choice so far this 1 i will buy depending on your advice) i only want one of these three i would prefer the sony but ive heard they are not as good as Mitsumi please please please shed some light on these drives for me, especially why i shouldnt buy the sony as i really want this drive !!! ANY HELP WILL BE MOST APPRCIATED MANY THANKS (i will be using them to backup my games mostly) pc.dc.psx::confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:


I think one of the best resources for a drive capability is the CloneCD Hardware Requirements

Sony CRX160e:

Great drive. Can read and write almost all protections but does not support SafeDisc 2. PSX should be no problem. Too bad is has no burnproof technology.

Ricoh 7083a:

Is has the same capabilities but is has no Burnproof technology either (at least none that CloneCD supports) which is a big disadvantage when burning at high speeds…

Mitsumi 4805te:

Same as the Ricoh…

I would go for the Sony… However, Ricoh and Mitsumi are basically the same and are also very good drives. The choice is yours :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info G@M3FR3@K appreciate it very much do you by chance how much the sony can burn upto eg: 80,90mins the Mitsumi can do upto 99mins ?? 1 more question please why would you recomend the Sony over the Mitsumi and is there anything the Sony Cant do compared to the Mitsumi? thanks again:)


Oops I just saw that the Sony CRX160e also has no burnproof technology so my previous recommendation was pretty useless… Sorry :slight_smile:

I don’t know about 90 minutes CD-R with the Sony since it’s not mentioned in this list.

The Ricoh and Mitsumi can make SafeDisc 2 back-ups that work in the recorder and so far that’s the only difference I can see between the mentioned drives… My SafeDisc 2 list can be found here.

Sorry I can’t help you more :frowning:


Cheers for the reply again i think the Mitsumi is my safest bet ps: on my travels i did see that cds4u page, is their any site where i can get reading times for these CD-RW as in how long it takes to backup a game (exept gamecopyworld)…shall i go for it then (Mitsumi) >> ??:slight_smile: thanks for the info …


I tried to find some reviews (tried , etc.) on these drives but couldn’t find any… sorry :frowning: I think you can go for the Mitsumi because it has a good reputation (but so does the Sony and Ricoh). As long as you stay away from Philips you should be ok :wink:


Thanks for that !! ill stick with the mitsumi !! :slight_smile:


If you need more info on Mitsumi drives

Check out

and for users views