Please help to compare these scans (451s vs 851s)

Took my 451s to repair, waited for 6 weeks, then they gave me a “new???” 851s. Well, the 851s has the exact same problem as my old 451s :a still wondering what’s the point of ‘repairing’!!

Comparisons on the same disc … Please tell me what u think?? Why the huge difference?? THX.

1st one is scanned by my old 451s
2nd one is scanned by my “new???” 851s

@ totalz
Only partial-disc burns(~600MB) but the first scan is excellent PI and PIF…funky PI pattern on the second scan, but the PIF count is excellent! I wouldn’t freak out too much unless this is a continuing trend of bad PI totals on all discs burned.

Why the CG3B and not CG3E?

@please, thx

The disc wasn’t a partial burn, but a full burn (4.38GB) with partial scan to 70min just to check the major problem area. The thing is i cannot really determined the burn quality anymore, as it’s my only drive. Let’s me attached some scans to show u the problem area 160-215MB. For my old 451s, the problem area was 200-300MB. The huge spike in PIF will always cause read problems in other drives. I think the burn quality is quite bad on my good +R, but +RW is ok!?

  • All 3 disc was burnt at 4x @ CG3B w tweak2-13.

Since there’s no burn difference between CG3B and CG3E, i decided to stick with CG3B. But i will try to scan with CG3E when i have the chance to restart my computer 1st.

Try to scan on 851S with native firmware, eg. GS0K

@please - the 1st one is scanned by CG3E

@dwrbudr - the 2nd one is scanned by GS0K

Have you tried doing a disc quality test with Nero CD speed? i suggest you try it

@BrownStone, disc quality test with Nero CD speed - same thing …

scanned by CG4E :

@BrownStone, disc quality test with Nero CD speed - same thing …

Do you mean youve tried it and its the same or you think it will look the same?

CDSpeed Transfer Rate Tests?