Please help solve Pioneer DVR-116 error reporting mystery



Nero DiscSpeed will not perform quality scanning with my Pioneer DVR-116. I assumed that the DVR-116 does not report errors.

Recently I noticed that the Opti Drive Control site states that the DVR-116 performs quality scanning with their software.

I came here hoping that a Pioneer burner guru might be able to shed some light on Pioneer error reporting capability.:slight_smile:


It’s useless because its unrelaible. Get a Liteon for scanning.


Hey [B]Whiznot[/B]!

You can enable Pioneer scanning in DiscSpeed with a small registry edit:
Go to “HKCU\Software\Nero\Nero 9\Nero Toolkit\Nero DiscSpeed\CD Quality” and remove PIONEER from the “Blocked” entry.

After doing that, you should be able to scan with the Disc Quality tab. Keep in mind that you may wish to go to Settings - [Advanced] in the Disc Quality tab and then move the Slider to “Speed” and change from 8ECC to 1ECC scanning.

Pioneers may not be the most accurate scanners (at least compared to LiteOn or recent Optiarcs), but they are good enough to get a quick glance at the disc quality.

Happy scanning!


The results can give no useful info, still.

Pioneer itself has told Ahead/Nero to remove the scanning option for a good reason.


I agree with [B]chef [/B]; forcing DiscSpeed/CDSpeed to perform quality scanning on Pioneer drives is not worth the effort, since the results are so misleading that it would be better to just perform Read Transfer tests.

Pioneer don’t trust their own drives to produce useful scans (at least with DiscSpeed/CDSpeed) and I agree with them.


Thanks for all the great information guys. I already use my Liteon but only for scanning. I can see there is no point in enabling unreliable scans for the Pioneer.