Please Help..So many mistakes!

Hi, I’m new to all this, so please bear with me.

Just a couple of questions to start off…A friend put Dvd Decrypter on my pc
and i am really pleased with it. He showed me how to use it, and i do exactly what he showed me. I do not go messing about with the settings as i know nothing about iso, ifo, etc. Just one silly question…do i select main movie files, or select all? I am not bothered about trailers etc, but it seems some films will not work selecting movie only but will work selecting all, and vice versa. Or is it just trial and error? I record a lot from Sky and from Vhs and from my own personal dvd collection.

Another thing is, i have at least 5 brands of dvd recorder/players in my house.
I know that sounds extravagant but i do have my reasons for so many, as i live in, and own a Lodge, and they are purely for pleasure.
The problem i am having is, i cannot seem to find a disc that is compatible with all players/recorders. Especially my Panasonics DMR-ES20DEB.
The amount of discs and brands i have tried, and still have in my cupboard, are very many. The only ones that seem to work in all of them, are ridisc purple, and Datawrite yellow, up to now, and they are hit and miss.
I cant tell you how many discs, of my nearly 500 dvd collection, i have tried, and have failed to play in all players. So i am at my wits end now.
I am trying to copy my collection onto a compatible disc with all players, and keep them as backup discs, then transfer them onto something like Ty Yudens
I ordered some Ty Yudens white top inkjet printables , a few days ago and they seem to work fine in all players.
So to cut a long story short, does anyone know of a -R disc, 8x that i can use as a backup that will play in Panasonic, Samsung, and Philips recorders/players. And also, i love the silver topped dvd discs when printed onto and sprayed for the holographic effect, and i am thinking of ordering some of them from Verity Systems, on Tuesday, but i would like to know if they are genuine, and if anyone else has used the silver topped ones, and what they think.
I would think that they are genuine from Verity, but after reading so many reports on here about fake Ty’s, i just want to be sure before ordering.
Its costing me an arm and a leg, in making mistakes with dvd recorders and media, and tv’s and printers, and pc towers blah, blah, blah :doh: And it’s not as if i don’t research them first, cos i do!
I swear i have got a ghost here! :eek:

Thanks to anyone that understands my post, and can give me ANY advice. :bow:

Milly :flower:

hi milly and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:
all i can say is try using +r taiyo yudens and bitset them to dvd-rom. that is if your burner allows this. the reason for bitsetting to dvd-rom is to trick your players into thinking it is reading the real dvd.
and i have no idea about the rest. maybe someone else will show up and give their opinions.

DVDdecrypter only strips basic macrovision protection so you might have problems with a lot of more modern disks. Some people recommend DVDFab, but I go with Slysoft’s AnyDVD, and just leave it running in the tray. DVDdecrypter is a bit out of date as well I guess, but it’s also what I use for ripping primarily. If you have a look at the .vob files on your dvd’s before you rip, you can get a better idea of exactly what order DVDdecrypter is listing things.

Personaly, considering you can get 100 unbranded silver TY from for £29.99 and this is a free shipping over £30 weekend, I’d get a couple of batches of those now. If you want printable, there are more modern TY media that are actually cheaper. Check out the Verbatim and Panasonic disks on SVP and look for the new Taiyo Yuden made printables they’re selling under those brands. Why mess about with budget media at all? It’s totaly false economy, believe me, [I]especially[/I] for back-up purposes. If you can tell us what burner/s and preferably what firmware you are using, you will probably get some recommendations for cheaper media if you feel you want to save a little. You can find this out by running cd/dvd speed which is included in Nero Toolkit, or can be downloaded seperately for free. Just check the info section of the tool.

We really need to know at least what burner you are using before recommending anything other than TY or Verbatim in terms of compatability. Again, whatever people tell you will only reflect their own opinions, and if your lucky, their own actual experience.

I’m interested in the current TDK disks on the SVP site myself, but just for playing with and burning short-term and for other people. Currently having very good results with Datawrite Grey Classic (Prodisk02 dye) on a BenQ1620 for just those purposes. I just wouldn’t entrust critical material to them myself. Hey though, thing is they might be just fine! Dvd is so new that nobody really knows for sure how good a lot of media is, especially in terms of longevity.

One bit of advice; DO NOT buy any RITEK G04 or G05 disks. In fact, just steer well clear of any Ritek dye at all. I won’t buy anything that starts with Ri since I lost 150 disks over the space of just two months.

Hi hobo10. Thanks for welcoming me and trying to help.

Please forgive my lack of knowledge on these things. I [B]am [/B] grateful for the link and have read it and saved it, although i don’t understand it, yet!!!
But i am really hungry for knowledge on these things, and will definately read up about it and try to get my head round it, if it kills me!

Just a quickie about the ‘ghostie’ thing. I went downstairs to the kitchen last night, and played a film that i had copied onto a datawrite yellow. I stopped it halfway through and decided to watch the rest of it in bed. I have 2 players in my bedroom, a samsung and a philips, and one said ‘this disc cannot be played’ and the other said ‘no disc’ I went in my pc room that i also have 2 players in,a samsung and exactly the same philips model, that i have in the bedroom, and it played fine on both of them! I copied it onto a Ty this morning and it plays in all of them! I also tried my other Datawrite yellow copies in the 2 in my bedroom, and they are ok as well.
Spooky or what??? :eek:

Thanks again for replying to me. :flower:

if you know what kind of burner you have then take a look at this.
and see if there are any firmware updates for it.
and about those ghosts standalone dvd players are very picky about the kind of media it will play.
hope this helps you out.

I meant Hewlett Packards current media interested me at the moment, not TDK as I stated above. Lost it for a minute. Heh.

Milly, off the top of my head I think Datawrite yellows currently use two different media codes/dyes/manufacturers for that line (and have used others at different times too). It’s possible that your disks are very different despite the same label.

It’s also very possible that you have a marginal to low quality burn on that particular disk, and certain of your players are having a harder time reading the disk. Once you get CD-DVD speed, you can check these things for yourself and track down the problem.

Datawrite are a third party seller and will use any quality they can and sell them as A-grade avoid them for long term use. My Datawrite yellows were G05 MID which have known issues with deterioration. Therefore not spooky at all. RiDisc are also a third party seller, and purple are the 4x discs and if I am correct they will be G04 MID.

For all your needs go to SVP, can’t go wrong with them as they stock a variety of TY discs, including the silver printable ones.

Hi. d_dog. Thanks to you too for replying. I’m sorry if i seem thick, but all i can tell you is, that i’m using a liteon on my HP tower, and a sony on my Sony Vaio Laptop, and as a backup, i have a medion external burner which says the burner is Sony?? I had my Ty’s from SVP a couple of days ago and they seem fine. I was using Ritek silver faced dvd’s GO5 because i liked the slightly holographic effect after printing, but like you, i finally came to the conclusion that my players just don’t like the dye which i knew nothing about until i came across cdfreaks. So i thank god i found this forum cos it certainly learnt me, and opened my eyes!
My Decrypter rips great, and the discs will play in almost any player, but not the panasonics, the samsungs are a little bit picky, and sometimes my philips stick and freeze, with the Ritek silver faced discs. So i have to come to the conclusion that it is the GO5 dye that the players do not like. Does all this make sense? :confused: The reason for wanting backup discs, is that i am prepared to pay any amount for a good disc that is compatible with all my players, but i don’t want to record straight onto the Ty’s because at the price they are, i don’t want to waste them with a bad or incompatible burn.
Here are the discs i am thinking about ordering,

Thanks for your input
Mills :flower:

Hi, Thankyou for replying. The datawrite and the ridisc, both 8x, along with the Ty’s were all from SVP with the dye code of CMC MAG AE1/TTG02 for the datawrite and the ridisc. I’m sorry but i made a mistake saying the ridisc were purple, they are actually blue. I went for those to avoid ritek go5 dye.
From the few i have tried since i had them, (actually yesterday) out of 6, 2 of the ridisc have had a light coloured stain on them which results in big pixelling and a green band on my players, and just that 1 datawrite that wouldn’t play in 2 of my players last night. I have also looked on the SVP site for the silver topped Ty, (not the very shiny ones) and they didn’t have any at the time, but i do like their site.
So could you point me in the right direction, for some good discs that i can use for copying onto before transferring them to Ty, and then i can keep them as a backup?
Please forgive me as i am not technical minded, but a very willing learner.

Mills :flower:

At least your liteon should be able to bitset so I would try +r. Bitsetting shouldnt be hard to understand. All optical disks have an area that contains information about the disk including what it is. A purchased movie will identify itself as a dvd-rom. a compact disk will identify itself as such. a dvd-r will identify itself as a dvd-r. When a player first starts to read a disk, it looks at this so it knows what kind of disk it is going to try to play. If it is an unsupported format it might not even try to play it. With dvd+r, this spot of information is actually blank. When you burn it, it writes to that area that it is a dvd+r. They have learned to take advantage of the fact that it can be written. Drives that can bitset or booktype (same thing), will write dvd-rom to that area. They basically lie by writing the wrong information so that a dvd+r falslly identifies itself as a dvd-rom. All dvd players by definition will play a dvd-rom. Its not a guarentee that all players will play the disk, but it will make all players at least try to read the disk instead of some rejecting it as an unsuported format. Bitset +r is the most compatible format.
your liteon should be able to bitset. I’m not sure about the other drives. If you go to the forums for each specific drive, the stickies at the top like the faq should tell if the drive will bitset and how to do it.
Here are the drive specific forums.
If your brand is not listed, try to find out who actually made it to know what forum to go to here.

Fyi, I’ll second the bad remarks of others about ritek. Even if they play fine at first, they have developed a bad reputation for rapid decay and degradation of the dye. I would avoid ritek.

Also, in case you were not aware, another piece of info that is on the disk is an ID that tells who the true manufacture of the disk is. Use dvd identifier to read this. It will tell you the true id of some of those disks that you are using. Those datawrite or ridisk’s may be ritek.

Just use TYs they aren’t that expensive, and ironically enough get 4x25 Panasonics 8x -Rs and it works out cheaper than 100 TY discs, by nearly £10. I know I have just worked it out as I will be doing a shopping spree next week to buy a few things (inks dvds and cases, guess who got some cash out of the fruit machines :bigsmile: ) so wanted to get more bang for the pound. That way you are not paying twice.

Oh and e-mail SVP about the silver printable ones, they are more than happy to help, I emailed them over payment methods and recieved a reply within a couple of hours, but don’t expect a reply until Tuesday it being a stupid bankholiday and all.

I have not had a compatability issue ith G04 dye at all, it has played in every machine I have access to. Unfortunately others seem to be having a problem with this dye much like the G05s, not thatI have had it.

I’m not really sure what UK pricing is like, but in the US at least, its cheaper to pay more for beter media (good media isn’t that much more expensive), because when you take into acount bad burns, wasted disks and disks that will not play, and take into acount the money you wasted on unusable disks, you pay less using good media and getting good burns every time.

I hate to throw more info at you as you probably have a lot to absorb, but depending on the model of liteon drive, you most liklly can error scan using kprobe or cdspeed. Instead of guessing how well a disk is burning based on its playability, you can see more accuratlly how well it is burning and know if the burner likes that media.

Thankyou to everyone for trying to increase my brain cells to 2!! :o

Another question…How the Heck do you all type so fast???
I have been using the pc for 5 yrs now, and am still a one finger typist. Sad case…No hope!!! And if any of you live in UK please feel free to come and teach me.
I’m serious!! And if you live in USA, (no offence to any one else) I LOVE USA to bits. I have been to USA but don’t get out much nowdays. I am a recluse due to certain circumstances i won’t go into, except for wanting to learn more
about all the above mentioned things, and i [B]AM [/B] learning albeit very slowly :iagree:

Thanks to you all, and i appreciate any more info.

Mills :clap:

Hi again, I’m sorry, but i don’t know how to edit?? the bits that i want to reply to, if you get what i mean? like this…

I’m not really sure what UK pricing is like, but in the US at least, its cheaper to pay more for beter media (good media isn’t that much more expensive), because when you take into acount bad burns, wasted disks and disks that will not play, and take into acount the money you wasted on unusable disks, you pay less using good media and getting good burns every time.

But i agree with exactly what you have said! I could start a shop selling the discs i have bought that will not play on my certain players!
That’s why i want to invest in the TY’s cos up to now, they have played in all of them. Want to order about 600 from Verity, to copy all of my existing
dvd’s (phew!!!) onto them. (PITA) But before i go ahead and do it, i just want to know that they will work. Can’t see any reason why the silver top TY’s should be any dfferent from the plain tops, but after the mistakes i have made, who knows??

And i do welcome any info, but can’t promise i will understand it!

Mills :flower:

I would try to aquire a small quantity of disks with the same media code and test them out. If they work well, then bulk purchase if you find a good price and stock up.