Please Help. slow burning



I Have a 2 drives ones a lite on combo that came with the computer i think its the sohc 4832k and the other is a sony 720 dvd burner. I am having touble with the lieon i have burned about 250 cd’s with it and it has slowly became slower and slower it used to burn a cd at 52x now i have to burn at 12x or i will get a failure. and when using dvdshink it will only read at like 2000 k a second where it used to be about 8000 what is wrong with it and how do i fix the problem.
Thank you very much for any help


Try defragging your hard drive. Bad fragmentation will results in progressively slower system performance, namely reading from & writing to the hard drive - as in your case.


Check to see if you have DMA mode enabled. You have to go to device manager and check the properties of your ide controllers. Under the advanced properties
tab, check and see if its enabled. I don’t know why it changes sometimes, i think its a Win XP thing.


99% chance of a DMA problem. Search around the forums, it’s a question thats been answered plenty of times.