Please help recovering a crashed Windows 2000



On my first disk, I got 2 NTFS partitions: the first contains Windows 2000 SP4 and the second Windows XP SP2. Yesterday, Windows 2000 worked perfectly. But when today afternoon I booted it up, after about 1,5-2 minutes ALL PROCESSES CRASHED!. Seriously! I got 30-35 error windows. Every loaded application crashed immediately. I wasn’t even able to click with my mouse that the system stopped responding. Hoping it only wasn’t my day, I rebooted and got the same errors. The first was a missing DLL from the Norton AntiVirus main app - ccL30.dll was missing. I went to Windows XP, downloaded the library and put it into the right dir. I rebooted again and this time Windows 2000 was refusing to boot displaying a missing file error (\WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM was missing). Safe mode didn’t work, it made the system reboot.

Searching for viruses with the latest virus definitions and the highest possible protection levels, I have found none. I have tried recovering with the Win2000 install CD, but it cannot find any Win2k installations. The strange thing is that I use console (manual) recovery mode, it finds 3 installations ( Win2k, WinXP and a third one which is useless and waiting for deletion), but when I use the automatic repair feature it doesn’t find any.

Can I create a Windows 2000 emergency repair disk (ERD) from Windows XP using the Win2k install disk ? How can I recover my system ? Please help :sad:


your best bet is to make a PE Builder Disk to rescue your stuff.


I have finally solved all Windows problems using the best method: formatting.


Yes you are very correct Formatting seems to fix most problems :iagree: