Please help , read please

I have these cd-r’s called optimum and they are 80 min 700mb48xcd-r , everytime i try to make a cd it has an error at the end . nero will say there was an error etc. so i attempted to use my TDK 80 min 700mb cd-s disk and it worked . why is the optimum cd’s not working ?

i have a buslink 52x24x52 cd-rw drive with nero 5…

Have you tried burning the CDs with a different application, like CloneCD, Alcohol, etc., etc.

If they don’t work in any application, then try and get your money back and stay away from that brand of media.

Not all media is created equal…you generally get what you pay for.


They were free with my buslink cdrw drive, im installing roxio right now and upgrading my nero software.

They’re probably just bad media.

As for Roxio…you can do as you wish of course, but I wouldn’t recommend installing it on your system.

it was the version of nero i had , i updated to the newest version and thats all it took ,so far so good.