Please help! Problems with NEC 6650A



i just updated my dvd firmware (ND-6650A) but now i cant watch my dvd’s. before i flashed new firmware, i can watch without any problem. it also opens but it gets stuck and continues i cant understand that. i tried to flash again but it doesnt work. All my DMA settings changed and also device 0 and device 1 changed. i am really confused about that. thanks for your concern


You have flashed from which to which firmware??


i flashed 203d but i didnt work and i used media code speed edit program also.


Which firmware was on the drive?

Please read it on the sticker.


now i flashed again the original one which is 2.42


Is this burner in a Dell laptop? If not then you must try to go back to the original 2.42 if you can 'cos I think that you might have already killed it.


but my dvd-rom is working. i have only one problem which is dvd movies doesnt work properly


Then it would be no firmware problem.

If you can live with that using an burner as reader only, leave it.