Please help: Problems with freeze during CD/DVD burn



Hello, brand new here. I recently installed a SATA Pioneer dvr 215d writer to my old dell dimension 8200, in which I needed to also install a SATA to IDE adapter.

I was able to back up 2 of my movies, then a few days later, I could get every step of the backup to work until the burn, which includes both DVDs and CDs. I tried numerous programs such as Itunes, nero, windows media player and windows explorer (CDs), and nero, dvd decrypter, clonedvd2, dvdfab6 (DVDs), but none worked. It seems to freeze between the lead-in and the actual write for both.

I then did a search online and tried to update my firmware (it is currently 1.13). This also failed, and said something about a kernel failure (forgot exactly what it said). Any help would be appreciated!


Which IDE-to-SATA adapter did you use? It would probably be better to switch to a PCI card with SATA connectors based on a Silicon Image chipset.

Yes, I know this doesn’t cover how it was possible to do the first few test burns, but IDE-to-SATA adapters don’t always play nice with optical drives.


Thank you for the quick reply. I bought a IDE to SATA Drive Mounted Adapter - storage controller - SATA-150 - Ultra ATA 133 online from Office Depot.

Yeah I thought it was weird that it would work twice and then never again, but that could definitely be it. My dimension already has the existing DVD-ROM drive. If I get the PCI card with connectors for the other drive, should everything still work ok?


Sorry for replying so late. :slight_smile: Everything should still work OK with the pre-existing DVD-ROM.