Please help.. Possible READ problem?



Hi all… I’m new to the forums and think its great…

I own (purchased legally, i don’t pirate my games) Rainbow Six 3 : Raven Shield, and I have a Pioneer DVR-108 DVD drive with the most current firmware… I’ve never had any sort of problem with this drive, and I’ve burned all kinds of stuff before… But today I decided to back up my copy of this PC Game with CloneCD (Nero didn’t work either)

But I’m panicking now, because when I go to READ TO IMAGE, it just stays at 0% … I’m looking at how fast the data is being read or whatever on the display window, and its like a measly 15kb a second or something… What the heck is going on… After like 3 minutes I just abort because all fields are on 0% still, and the DVD drive is flickering like its reading, yet the display window speeds are brutal as I said earlier… What is wrong? Do I need to RMA my drive?
Please help!


I wouldn’t say that this is a hardware problem.
Rainbow Six 3 has SafeDisc 2.80.011 as copy protection and so there are many errors in the first 10.000 sectors of the CD, that’s normal for safedisk.
Try to read with clonecd 5.1 and enable the option “fast error skip”.
This should help.

But: I don’t think you will succeed with the Pioneer because:

For more infos, check the “copy protection discussion” forum.

Hope this helps, greets



it helps, just wasn’t the answer I was hoping for… haha…

thanks though :[