PLEASE HELP - Philips DVDR3355/37

Okay, I’m new to this forum and decided to join because you guys obviously know what you’re talking about. Here is a detailed description of my problem, and if anyone can give me any help, please do:

Philips recently replaced my Magnavox MRV660 DVD recorder with a Philips DVDR3355/37 recorder. I had two key problems with the MRV660 - recordings made after a first title would pause on their own within the first 10 seconds of a recording, thus making me have to start many recordings over and over again until it would record all the way through. The second problem was when the recorder finally stopped working altogether when I would power on the recorder and “STARTUP” would display and the recorder would turn off on its own, then turn back on, then turn off, and so on, rendering it useless. I had a service warranty with this recorder and the Philips DVDR3355/37 is the recorder they replaced it with. This is the recorder I am having problems with now.

First off, I am encountering the same problem with subsequent recordings (the second title to be exact) losing a couple seconds of information after 10 seconds of a recording. The display nor the recorder is showing that the recorder is actually pausing, but it is. Also, when I am editing titles from the index picture screen and arrow to the right of a title, I am only getting these options (I am recording with DVD+R discs, not rewriteable) - Play Title, Edit Title, and Rename Title. Aren’t I supposed to be getting the option - Erase Title? I am aware that when you erase a title on a DVD+R disc, you cannot reuse the space - but this feature comes in handy when you mess something up and want to start over or just delete a title altogether. And I was definitely able to do it with my MRV660. Does anyone know what is wrong with this recorder, or know if I need to install any firmware updates? Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you so much.

Well, since nobody seems to know how to help me, I guess I’m just gonna have to tell Philips I was not happy with the replacement and pray that I get my money back and swear off ever buying any Philips products at all in the future.