Please help:philips burner problem

okay, so today I threw in a verbatim blank dvd, and I think the styrofoam ring thats usually on the fresh packs was still on the dvd.

when I threw it in, it got stuck on something, so I opened the case, and pulled the styrofoam ring out.

then when i put the blank dvd in i realized its not being recognized, so I tried putting in another cd or something, and the drive read the cd.

philips support was useless, and now Ive taken it out of my box, and opened the bottom. Im trying to get inside the case to see if I can fix the problem.

also something sounds loose in the burner when I move it around.

Ive already tried the registry trick, and that didnt help. also the philips douche told me to try a lense cleaner, which I know won’t make a difference.

can anyone help me by posting any links on how I could take this thing apart?

its a philips SPD2413BD.

Thanks alot.

I don’t quite know why you’re posting this here, IMO it belongs in the optical drive section, i.e. as this forum is for blank media only and I doubt you’ll get you’ll get a satisfactory answer here :slight_smile: