Please HELP!PDI files!

i´m completely new to the whole dvd ripping and burning scene, and after using dvd decrypter i am now stuck with pdi files that i cant watch in powerdvd and so obviously i wont burn them to dvd…what do i do??? please help!! i need step by step instructions (in very basic non computer guru language) on how to do this. I would be terribly greatful if someone could help me! :sad:

DVD Decrypter does not produce pdi files. Also, you havent exactly described what your trying to do either. In the mean time I suggest reading the guides in the Guides & Tutorial section, it can answer most questions.

I´m trying to copy a movie and then burn it. so what i´ve been told to do (and done) is to use dvd decrypter to unlock all the files, then use Instant Copy to rip them, and instant copy took like the whole day to run through the movie and in the end left the files in pdi format. So what do i do? Cause i can´t watch them and i´ve tried just adding a *.vob but that doesn´t work either, my powerdvd only reads ifo files.

Okay, thanks for explaining what your trying to do, it always helps. :wink: First is to check out the Tutorial section, in particular this one

Then I would suggest you try using DVD Shrink as its a lot simpler to use and a consistant output. Its also free. Again read the Tut section.

hey there, i´ve followed the tutorial down to the letter, and it only seems to work with my one pdi file , the first one that only opens the movie menu. Then the rest it doesn´t want to convert into mds files. I´ve also tried doing the whole lot at once (instead of one-one) but the same thing. So i´m still stuck with my pdi files :frowning: and one mds file that opens the movie menu. What´s a girl to do???

Then just extract the VIDEO_TS filder out of the pdi file using a program called PDITOOL, then you can do what ever you want with it.

if you want to burn the .pdi files, why not use instant copy itself? just use the hard disk to dvd writer option.

Seriously, he’s not steering you wrong here. I strongly urge you to consider using DVD Shrink, as it really is the pooh!

try burning with DVDDecrypter as it also burns PDI files

if you want to preview the files before burning then Daemon tools can now mount PDI images

[i]DAEMON Tools supports the following image files:

ccd (CloneCD)
bwt (Blindwrite)
mds (Media Descriptor File)
cdi (Discjuggler)
nrg (Nero)
pdi (Instant CD/DVD)
b5t (BlindWrite 5)

Cheers guys! I´m installing shrink dvd as we speak! :slight_smile: …as for my pdi files, i can only seem to mount one (the first file, which is only the movie menu) and with the others i only get a message saying that it´s an unsupported file format…so i´m still kinda stuck - but cheers for all the advice, i´ll let you know what happens!