Please help, [pc is disabled son's] dvd not working

Hi please can you help, 2 weeks ago the dvd/cdrw drives in my sons processor [philips iQon] stopped reading, when a disk is in the pc isnt registering the fact & says insert disk, [even when drawer is opened & re inserted], i have tried device manager but didnt solve, no errors have been found, i backed up registry & ran cd.gone.reg but it didnt download, have tried system restore but wouldnt restore to 2 dates i chose, i had a byteverify trojan in java a few weeks back deleted with mcafee guys help, their forum is doubtful it would have caused this problem & directed me to you guys, I installed from dvd disk x[zoom movies on psp a few weeks back & then tried to drag/drop some movies i bought [dvd] into psp but nothing happened, not sure if that is reason as wonder why/how it would affect the cdrw drive? please help me try to fix this my son is lost without his drives [he has cystic fibrosis so is off school a lot] i am windows xp [sp2] beginner level knowledge wise, thanks all. lisa.

Is it possible to get a brand and model # of the burners? Should show up in the device manager under CD/DVD drives.

Have you tried running repair console from the recovery partition. Just press F10 when turning on the PC and run receovery, this does not delete any of the user files, but replaces any windows files that may be corrupt.

Have you tried phoning iQon? I ask as I have one of their machines, and the warranty support is free. If they can’t talk youthrough a repair they will arrange to send out an engineer to your home to fix it. I know I am onto my second visit next friday to replace my mobo. Generally there is aweeks wait but if you expalin your situation they may be able to get it done faster.

Hi yes i tried to call them but it is constantly engaged, i sent an email but havent had a reply, what number have you called? i am in uk [london], thanks Jay. Lisa.

Hi, yes i have it for you under properties [hardware] it is heavily highlighted on Maxtor 6y060l0 [in dark blue highlight] further down it lists PHILIPS CDD7052, Which should be correct as the pc is a philips iQON 3A intel celeron 2.4GHz processor pc 256Mb RAM. PC PACKAGE MS WORKS SUITE 2004, UPGRADED LAST YEAR TO WINXP [SP2]. Thanks.

When did you try to phone them? They recently had a system upgrade and told people to phone back as they couldn’t do anything until their systems were back up and running. They were very busy when I tried and so I waited until the next day. Are you in or out of warranty?

Hi out i think as we have had pc since xmas 2003. thanks, i tried calling last week many times. thanks.