Please Help! Panny or Pioneer Dvd Recorder

I bought a Daewoo dvd recorder cheap a couple of weeks ago. First one wouldn’t record, period. Second wouldn’t synch the audio and video correctly. Took it back and decided to spend a little more on a more reputable brand.
My choices are a Pioneer dvr-220s or a Panasonic dmr-e55. I realize these are both older models, but they seem very reliable from the reviews I’ve seen. The Pioneer is from Wal-Mart (the devil), so I’ll have 30 days to bring it back if I don’t like it. Wallyworld also offers a 2 year service agreement for around $16. The Panasonic is from Rex, a small national chain. I’ll have about seven days to return it there. I don’t think they offer a product protection plan. They’re both under $200.
Any suggestions? Please help!