PLEASE HELP! Now nothing works

All my problems started when i tried to copy Madagascar, I read that I needed AnyDVD and Fab to copy. I tried that and all I get is
“Error 16” (16 Writing failed (write error or process aborted)
I have tried everything. So I tried to copy Polar Express. Same thing. So I tried 1Clickdvd, dvd43, Anydvd, dvdfabexpress, Vobblanker, DVD shrink, DVD2one, and clonedvd2. I have never had a problem with any movie using dvd43 and 1clickdvd. But I read that I should try Fab Decryptor. So I got that and Vobblanker and dvd shrink and when that didn’t work I tried everything else. It’s like my dvd drive is now not working.
If it was just Madagascar that didn’t work that would be one thing but not even Polar will copy. Could one of these programs have done something or could Madagascar done something or installed something.

256 am
Nec DVD -+r drive
normal dvd drive
250 gig hd
DVD-R media Memorex

Do you have all of those programs installed simultaneously ? If so, you probably got program conflicts causing the failed burns. A couple of combinations that will copy both movies is 1. AnyDVD/DVDShrink 2. DVDFab Decrypter/DVDShrink, but as long as you’re up-to-date on the programs, you shouldn’t have any trouble copying those two movies.

Agree with dmp31 re: updates and conflicts. It’s ok to have them installed, but you definitely don’t want to run more than one decrypter at a time, for eg., you stated,

“…I read that I needed AnyDVD and Fab to copy. I tried that and all I get is
“Error 16” …” (Both applications will attempt to decrypt).

Also, the configuration of “Polar Express” is a little weird, some folks have had problems with “full disc” option in fab, whereas “main movie” option works just fine. Take a look at the thread on this forum: ‘The Polar Express’.

Not to bother, but can anyone please explain the changes made to the update to DVDFab Decrypter Beta ? Any info is appreciated.

OK, I figured out why I couldn’t burn Polar Express. For some reason my computer stopped working with DVD-R. Not sure why, I have always used Memorex -R. I even changed my firmware. So went and bought Memorex +R and Polar seamed to play ok, mind you I haven’t watched the whole thing to be sure. Then I did the copy of Madagascar (just movie not extras) and that seemed to work. Now one more problem. I want to make a second disc with all the extras from madagascar except the main movie. I tried to use
DVDFabDecryptor then VobBlanker and then I was going to run Dvd Shrink but dvd shrink tells me it can’t find the .IFO file or that it’s incorrect. Is there a extra setting in VobBlanker that I am not setting. All I did in Vobblanker was tell the program to skip the main movie file and process the rest of them and then put on CD but thats not working.