Please Help Newbie Here! Data File Format?

Hi there,

Im new to all this and a friend of mine says he can get various TV series on data file format which he says is basically as many episodes of a programme on one or two discs for me to watch on my laptop or burn to dvds to watch.

My question is, is this illegal and also i have a DivX dvd player would they work directly on that?

Many thanks

The companies that produce the shows would say no, what you want to do is illegal because they want all of your money. They want you to buy the shows from them. My personal opinion is, if your friend is not making a profit off of giving you those shows then it’s okay. I don’t think someone should ever sell someone else’s blood and sweat creation for profit. It’s essentially like giving you a copy of a video tape or a cassette tape which has been going on for years. It’s an issue which there are differing opinions, as i’m sure there are people who will disagree with me so let your conscience be your guide. Yes, the discs should play in your divx player whether they are avis or mpgs.

[I]Sikoone[/I] is right about legality and opinions.
DivX is Mpeg4 format, but since Mpeg4 is open source there are many variations of it, so you just have to try if it will play on your machine. There are still limits how much you can put on DVD at good quality.

Sorry but this is illegal. Plainly the TV shows are copyright and, even if your friend has purchased a licence for them (i.e. bought dvds of the shows) his licence certainly doesn’t permit him to provide you with copies.