Please help Networking 2 computers (both running XP)

Please help Networking 2 computers (both running XP)

I’m trying to Network 2 computers, so I can transfer data files between them. My Laptop (with XP Home) to connect to my Desktop (with XP Pro). I tried using a “Hub/Switch” to network them, but that didn’t work.

Now I’m using an “Ethernet Crossover Cable” to connect them thru the 10/100 base T Ethernet Adaptors of both computers.

I ran the “Setup a home or small office network” wizzard to install the workgroup. I created some folders on both computers to be “Shared”.

When I open “My Network Places” I can see the workgroup, but I cannot see the computer names of either computer, and I cannot see any folders that were shared out.

Does anyone know how to connect 2 XP computers using an “Ethernet Crossover Cable”?
Please help. Thanks very much.

Connec them by using an Crossover Patchcable.
Both computers have to be connected that way regardless from other connections (eg. to the iNet).

Don’t forget to create the same account on both computers!

You need to set the IP addresses in the same range eg & with a mask.

The computers need to be in the same workgroup.
It sounds like they are in different workgroups.

Did you make a floppy from the desktop in the wizard to put in your laptop? That should set them both up. Don’t forget to setup or drop firewall on pc that is seeking the files. I had that problem with sharing a printer on my network :doh:

Try searching for the other computer under the windows search feature “search for people or computers” and type in the name of the other one and see if it comes up. Could just be as simple as windows acting retarded which it is known to do.

Make sure that file and printer sharing is allowed throught the firewall. If not, the puters won’t see each other at all. What I do is I go into the local area connection properties and make sure that the “show icon in notification area” is checked so that the two pters show up in the taskbar. Right click on the two puters, and go to “change windows firewall settings”, and make sure that file and printer sharing is checked under exceptions. Now under the properties of the local area connection, you should follow the instructions above, and make sure that the puters have, (one puter gets this IP) and (and the other gets this one) IP addresses with subnet masks. Make sure that the little icons show the local area connection as connected in the taskbar, obviously, the red X is bad. If the icons show connected (computer to computer) , you’re good to go, a crossover cable shoud be fine. If you use the hub/switch, straight cables should be OK. Now go to the start menu, and pen the run box. Type "\192.168.1.?\ (? = IP of the other puter) in the run box. This should bring up the shares you have on the other machine. Good luck, hope that helps. :iagree: