Please help - need to safeguard newborn's pics

Hello there - thank you for reading. I have a dell PC - 530i inspiron using Vista OS.

In you opinion - what is the best method of backups?

  1. Keep two 1 TB hard drives in the PC - One with OS and MyDocs and then have that drive backed up (COMPLETELY - including the OS etc ) to another internal HD using Acronis every couple of days and then back up that one to an external HD every couple of days? This essentially would have 2 backups?

  2. Keep one 1TB hard drive in the PC and back it up to an external hard drive?

If I do create backups - would you recommend sequential backups or just brand new ones everytime?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. :slight_smile:

I have to go for number 1 because you just can’t really have to many backups and having
2 is just fine 3 or more is better lol. :bigsmile: The reason I said I liked number 1 the best is that
you have an external backup so if disaster strikes the hdd’s inside the system say like if the
power supply were to short out and take out everything inside the case then you would still
have a working backup as long as it wasn’t hooked up and powered on if disaster struck the
other drives. I do a full backup first then I just do sequential or (incremental) as some call it
backups and I always unplug the external drive from the USB port and power source until I
get ready to use it again. :iagree:

Thank you mate…really really appreciate the help…now on to taking pictures and movies of my son so that I can have a good collection to show his girlfriend… :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Dad!