Please help need help with wireless setup

I would like to set up a wireless connection for a laptop I just got. I also have an old desktop pc connected to my cable modem now. The problem is I think I may have spyware on the desktop. I won’t be sharing files with my pc. In fact, I will only use the internet on the laptop until I get a replacement desktop. Can I still do the wireless setup? I just got the laptop and I would like to use it. :?

Also, which wireless router is the best, linksys, netgear or d-link and can they be mixed? I purchased the Linksys but if this is not that good I can still change it. I also wanted to know if i can replace the linksys n notebook adapter with d-link since it is about $20 cheaper but the sales rep said it would work well if I do this. :?


Asus WL-500g Premium is one of best routers around if you ask me.
Fast CPU, stable (P2P works fine), QoS, ability to use it as a NAS (attach USB-disks and share), Flashable (runs Linux) etc

I’ve installed a bunch for friends and they simply work without any hassle even after months =)

Hi :slight_smile:
Nothing wrong with the Linksys.
It’s what I have (Had for a while now with no problems).
As for the concern over spyware. Goto (BTW it’s free) download - install - run. This should sort that aspect out.

zebadee: Depends on modell and revision