Please Help nec 3250a and Device buffer


I just got myslef the nec 3520a a few dayz ago, it as working perfectly fine, its on the secondary IDE channel as Master no slave, and in UDMA 2 mode.

Today I flashd the drive with the new beta patch, after doing this I’m now getting Device Buffer problems in whatever burning program I use, it just dropz and rises every few seconds causing the burns to be VERY VERY slow, when choosing 12x or 8x etc, the burns max itself to 2.4x and doesnt go over.

Im uninstalld the IDE and reinstalled, changed the IDE cable, updated my IDE drivers, and uninstalled them back to normal window drivers, and STILL i get this same problem.

WHAT CAN I DO??? This is doing my head in.


It sounds like your system is PIO mode, regardless of how it reports in Windows
Check your systems BIOS setting for DMA as well.
You can also try removing the drive, boot the system up without the drive being present, after Windows has booted, close down the system and refit the drive.

Nope I still got the same problem, I cant see no option to enable DMA in my bios, I thought let me switch the drive over to Slave on the priamry IDE, and i STILL get the same problem, with device buffer dropping and rising every second, still cant write over 2x, I was perfectly ablet o write 8x before flashing the drive!

Any thoughts? This is really annoying now.

Hmm, have the same problem with my NEC 3500A with 2.18 firmware. Cannot even write at a fixed speed of 4X. Device buffer goes down a couple of times.

Download HDTUNE and post your hard drive transfer speed. Also post your CPU load during burn as seen by Task Manager. Can you reflash to the old FW. Could be a bad flash?

HDTUNE keeps on reporting that I got errors and I cant continue.

After doing Nero Info Toolz, DMA is on for CD-RW on priamry slave drive, and Secondary master for the NEC 3520A, DMA is off for the hard drive, its on PIO mode, I dont know how to change this to DMA.

I flashed it back to the old firmware and still got the same stupid problem. CPU load is about 90% plus when burning, so its using alot of CPU power to burn. When using Nero it uses about 75mb on memory.

Check here

Look in your bios to be sure harddisk is enabled to DMA

The problem is your harddisk is in PIO mode and not DMA.

Try to delete primary ide controller in system device and reboot.

here’s a couple of site links that may help you.Your HD seems to be the problem.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5

I love you mate lol, it absolutely done the trick :smiley: finally! All DMA are turned on, Hard Drive is on UDMA6, while both dvd drives are on UMDA2, just did a quick test burn with Dvd decyrter and the device buffer is about 98% constant. I can reflash to the new beta 3.

Thank ALL of you who have helped.


If your drive is working fine, do not flash it with a beta firmware. If you don’t have problems, why look for them?


I can agree with that to a extent, but these companies clearly dont listen to the users and put unneeded and idiotic restrictions in the firmware.