Please Help Nec 1300A bad flash



Ok so i tried updating my firmware i got this bad flash. Now all my cd drive does is blink green and wont open. Windows detects the drive as only a cd drive. Now i have tried dumping the damn drive it wont work. I have tried redoing the flash but cannot detect a drive. Please help if you can.


this is covered in the big nec faq


Yes but i am windows xp and i dont know how to do the dos thing. IF someone could help me that would be appreciated.

Most likely yes, but you will have to do this in pure DOS. Use The Dangerous Brothers DOS utility to flash a known good firmware back onto your drive. Step by step instructions for flashing in DOS can be found here.

i dont know how to get to pure dos in xp. And i also dont know what to download from that website.


Acko Or Anyone Else Please Help Me!!!


all the info is there in my link including a step by step guide.


That does not tell me anything on how to get to a pure dos prompt. It doesnt tell me anything really.


Aaaaaaaa. If Someone Could Tell Me Through A Step By Step Guide On How To Do This. It Would Be Appreciated.


Ok i did this
To Pure DOS:
Format a Floppy disk using Create an MS-DOS Startup Disk option, and then boot your computer using that floppy (dont forget to change your boot into Floppy Disk in BIOS). When you get an A:> Prompt, then you’re in pure DOS

Now im stuck. I don’t know what to do.


It says after i made the disk and restart windows for the floppy.
Type in Command Interpreter(Ex. C:\WINDOWS.COMMAND.COM
now i dont understand. It starts me off in A:\ now i cant even get to C:\ cause it wont let me for some reason.


Get back to WXP, copy the flasher and a binary format of the firmware onto another floppy through Windows Explorer. Reboot with the bootable floppy disk in. Once you get to the A: prompt, put the other floppy disk in, and run the flasher program with the firmware. Make sure you understand the format of the flasher program as you must know where the 1300A is located at, primary/secondary and/or master/slave, if you have other optical drives.


ok i know its master now what do i do exactly. I download the firmware onto a different floppy disk? is that what you are talking about. If so could you show me where to get one at. binary format woh take me with steps please.




anyone understand what that friggin means??? cause i surely dont.


Which firmware you update with? Just wondering.

Edit:I suck at spelling. Even with two sentences.


The file COMMAND.COM is the command interpreter (DOS).
It is automatically started when you boot DOS.

Anything else you need to know is in my pm I’ve send you.