Please help....ND-3500A problems



ok, so I bought the drive after reading a lot of good things about this NEC DVD burner. I ordered it from newegg, and it came yesterday.
(I replaced a generic 8 mo. old justlink CD burner that had pooped out on me recently.)
so, I simply swapped drives, making sure the jumpers were set the same. I switched the computer on, and it beeped/posted fine, but as soon as the Win2K startup screen finished loading (just before the login screen loads) all I get is a black screen.
the drive seems to have power, as it can eject just fine…
what am I doing wrong? is it the drive? the jumper settings? does it require a special cable to function properly?
I’m pulling my hair out here…I’m no network admin, but I do know my way around a computer pretty well…googling the problem yielded no results for me.
please, someone help. any advice/suggestion is much appreciated.



It has beena while since I have been in W2K but I would go to my BIOS setup, reset defaults, and start again. My guess would be Windows is freezing because the hardware is not recognized and I know some old motherboards have to be helped into recognizing new hardware. Good luck.