Please help my understand some of this

I have a Lite On 40125s flashed up to 48x with VS08.

It is very important to me to have reliable back ups. I have been using the latest version of Nero and have 48x Verbatim cd’s. I wanted to get some Fuji’s but none were available at a fair price.

In the first screen shot below is a test of a compilation made with Nero of the MY DOCUMENTS folder WITHOUT (3) three major folders. I left out (3) folders so I could burn a continuation of the backup.

I am attempting to simulate a real life situation.

So after I burned the first backup less the three folders I ran the CD scan and found no errors except that one little red square at the end. (First image below) This occurs no matter if I burn at 48x, 40x, or 24x on ANY media I have. Also when I ran the “File Test” feature it test 100% OK. And I ran a CD quality test with no errors on this first backup burn.

Second step was to add my EXCEL folder to the compilation, which is shown in the test results (second screen shot) below which is all GREEN. What happened to the one red square at the very end of the first burn???

BUT, then I ran the CD Quality Test and this is the third image below and here come the errors.

I don’t understand this. How can the scan be all green and the CD quality test shows yellow and red? I read the other thread where the fellow was getting a clean scan then a scan with errors. I thought this may be related but I am not sure.

Maybe this is the nature of burning a backup Compilation with Nero?
Any input is appreciated.
Also thanks to RD for explaining how to capture the screen and to all others for the help with my other questions.

That first red square in the end is because the CD wasn’t closed, and when you added the Excel document you closed the CD, thus the red square dissapeared.

That Quality check screen looks strange, maybe the Quality Check does not like multisession discs.
If you hadn’t showed me the Scandisc screenies, I would have said that your media is crap, but since those are all green and Quality check messed up, I dunno really…

Does all files check out 100%?
I trust the Scandisc function more than CD Qality check, that one can be a little sensitive sometimes…

When I run CD SPEED Scan Disc’s FILE TEST I get 100 % error free on all the CD’s (data) I have been burning and testing the last couple of days.

I think I agree that Quality Check does not like the Multisession CD’s.

I posted this to see if anyone else here has discovered this. These data backups are quite important to me. When I built my new rig I transferred all data file from the old to the new by CD, don’t want any accounting errors if you know what I mean.

I guess I am more or less testing the testing programs here. Just would like to determine which test is most reliable? I’m just getting my feet wet in this area so hope I am making some sense.


Since you have a LiteOn, you could try WSES error checking.
But read the instructions carefully, the program is dangerous.

If your Verbatim 48x are made in Mexico, they’re not able to handle 48x speeds, if you look at the test HERE you’ll see how they tested for me. I haven’t found any made in Taiwan yet, but they tend to be better media. I recommend not burning the Verbatim over 40x.

From my understanding what causes the error at the end of a TAO disc, this error cannot vanish in closing the disc.
It must be skipped while scanning.

Rdgrimes these are Taiwan made disks, so I guess that is good.

Want me to send you a couple for testing?

alexnoe, what is TAO?

And airhead is WSES an add on utility, I have not heard of it.

Thanks guys,