Please help my son with his college presentation. Its a copy thing sorta :)



My son has taken it upon himself to do a presentaion for his next year college exam. He has chosen to talk about commercial dvd protection. One student is doing the psp and its hacked protection already. Another has done drm . He has to do a 2 hour presentaion to be aceepted and marked for his 2nd year. Hes decided to do dvd css encryption of which he has written a very informative presentation.

Here is where his problem lies they have to do a fight back bit where the manufactures came back at them. The upgrade of the psp roms. Arcos added to the standard etc.

No where can he find exactly what arcos did, or does to a discs format, puppetlock for instance. Im after to try and help him and god knows why he chose this. The old extractor programs failed after the companies fought back because they did this. They added this to a disc header like this bytes which made it go here but was ignored by the disc but picked up because etc.

Im not after anyone writing his thesis / presentation he must do this part himself as they do very stringent internet checking search programs on the papers to make sure its not copied and pasted. Can anyone point me in the direction of any informative explanation articles explaining so he can do his homework on this. He will thank everyone for any help they can give for him.

i found bits like this

Sony’s ARCCOS protection system has been in
use for a few years now, but it wasn’t on the early DVDs. It was
specifically designed to exploit certain assumptions that the authors
of ripping programs used to speed up their programs.



@ dstream,

I believe both you and your son need to learn how to conduct a simple Google ( and/or Wikipedia ( search.

Both Google and Wikipedia serches will provide numerious acticles that explain in great detail how the ARCCOS copy protection scheme deliberately creates a number of sectors on the Commerical DVD Movie Title with corrupted data that causes DVD copying software to produce errors.

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From several results:

ArcCos(x) is the inverse cosine of x. :smiley: I still remember my trig. Used to love those formulas.


i think this is something you need to let your son handle. it’s his education. he’s not learning anything if you do his research! google is a great resource.

i just graduated college this fall, and if I ever asked ym mother to help me with research she would have laughed at me…


I agree totally.

Maybe I should of put my question a bit better.

I simply need a point in the right direction thw wikipedia says its bad sectors. He knows that I know that. Im not a master of dvd structures neither is he.

A simple they added this in a vob or is it iso header to point to this would really help him and a tool so he can do this himself.

Im simply asking for what tool would you recommend that will show a complete dvd`s structure that he could use for his presentation a normal and before and after. After this I shall bug you no more as the ball is in his court and im not doing his homework for him as such.


maybe SS ie James can help you
They are the experts


css is not bad sectors,

CSS is a very simple encryption scheme based on shifts, XORs and table lookups. Its keylength is 40 bits, although it has been shown elsewhere that a brute force attack is only O(2^25) and a plaintext attack is only O(2^18) - i.e. CSS is weak for its keylength.

Each CSS player licensee is given a key from a master set of 409 keys stored on every CSS-encrypted disc. The theory was to allow a license to be revoked by removing its key from future discs. The CSS decryption algorithm exchanges keys with the drive unit to generate an encryption key that is then used to obfuscate the exchange of disc keys and title keys that are needed to decrypt data from the disc. DVD players have CSS circuitry that decrypts the data before it’s decoded and displayed, and computer DVD decoder hardware and software must include a CSS decryption module. All DVD-ROM drives have extra firmware to exchange authentication and decryption keys with the CSS module in the computer. As of 2000 DVD-ROM drives are required to support regional management in conjunction with CSS

these full articles and PLENTY more can be found by doin ga google search. i simply typed “what is CSS” into google and had more relevant information than I’d care to read on CSS

as has already been stated by multiple users, this forum is for questions, problems, and information related to the anydvd software program. I don’t think anyone is going to take the timee to explain to you an old and very weak form of encryption that was broken long ago. There is plenty of information available through a google search.

css has nothing to do with structure…if you read what CSS is you’ll see that it’s a key and decoder system that is hard coded into the playback device and the the source of the disc itself.

all of this could have easily been uncovered by searching google.


no he has done a presentaqion on css he knows how that is dont. he doesnt know how the structure is altered for copy protrction added on. No searchng on google can bring this up. He really does know about css hes spent the last two month on research for his paper. He has asked me a really simple thing. Dad can anyone you know or on the forums your on please point me in the direction of later added copy protection.

Its like this he going into cryptology. They have to analyse current methods and attacks he chose dvd and has done css. He doesnt need to know anything about this. This is not what im asking or he is. Quite simply the makers of movies stuck back with sector protection. He would like to and has to add to his presentation further copy protection was added this. inserted into a ifo or what ever was this which pointed to this. He isnt nor am i a genius in dvd structure. All i seem to be getting here is do a google search.

Yeah right google search tells us how sony does the protections .

*** Yeah sure it doesnt ***

I didnt ask for that I made it really clear in the last post. I will give up if thats what you want asking the question.

My last question and it was so simple is what program would you recommend for showing a dvd`s structure in its format no file no screen shots of any dvd a break down of whats contained in a ifo a vob. What do you reccomend its not a hard question it will be shown on a monitor. He will take an arcoss disk in and a normal disc broken down however he must be able to explain question they will throw at him from them reading his paper.

So its dead dead dead simple im not trying to rock a boat get backs up although the replies seem that way.

  1. what program do you recommend for showing a dvd`s structure please.?

  2. What is he looking for to point a disc to the false information in a header are there any links. Wikipedia does not contain this info okay. Neither does a google search.

the rest he will have to find himself. Im not helping him or doing his homework on this.

thank you for simple help its all i asked for in this day of help on a forum.

I asked here beause i bought anydvd and the users I thought could help. Move this to an appropiate part of the forum if i have posted wrongly in this section.


you might be best off PMing a mod and having them move this thread to the “CD and DVD copy protection forum” as this is the anydvd forum…


@ dstream,

Suggest visiting Doom9 ( looking under “Downloads” for a listing of numerous tools that allowing digging deep into the innards of a DVD’s structure. Examples of these tools are IFOEdit, VOBEdit, VOBBlanker, and FixVTS. For the record the way I became aware of these various DVD structure tools was by doing a simple Google search.

Also another source of DVD structure editing tools that allow digging deep into the structure of a DVD is VideoHelp (

I disagree with your erroneous assessment that using Google will not reveal intimate information concerning the workings of ARCCOS Copy Protection scheme. All it takes is a little effort. An example is below.

I totally agree with Forum Member reasonsnotrules that thread has noting to do with the AnyDVD software program and should be removed to a more appropriate CD Freaks Forum (CD and DVD Copy Protection Forum).

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he is a dad worried about son not flunking :sad:
if all dads could be like this :bow: