Please help my sister copy home DVD's

Hi guys,

My sister isn’t too technically savvy, and I don’t know a whole lot about dvd editing or copying. I live 1000 miles away so I can’t just go and experiment myself.

I bought her a NEC 2500A (pretty sure) about a year ago because she said she wanted to backup movies she had bought. Anyways I had to move before I could show her how to use it, so it hasn’t been used for awhile.

The current situation is that she has a Hitachi DZ-MV730A, a DVD video camera. It doesn’t have USB output, it just burns to DVD.

She would like to copy these DVD’s, but she says software didn’t come in the box.

If anybody has a simple, free (if possible) way to copy the personal home video dvd’s I’d appreciate it.



did she try anything for example inserting the dvd disc into the dvd drive and seeing what happens ?

I dont think she needs a special software for this just a burning program

she can “copy dvd” with nero (burning tool)