PLEASE HELP- My DVD+/-RW drive doesn't burn dvds

My laptop is an advent 7095 and it can play cds and dvds, it can also burn cds but not dvds.:a

I used to burn dvd’s a few months ago but since then have change my hard drive and reinstalled xp with all drivers up to date.:confused:

Please help me burn dvds.:iagree:
This is the error i get.

I am using the latest Verbatim DVD+R, which I have used a year before and they worked but now they don’t burn.

Here are my dvd+/-rw stats & my system stats:


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I’d open up the computer and check the cables. Something may be loose or need replacing.

All the cables are good but when I eject the drive and pull the tray out it doesn’t slide straight out, it wobles left to right if you shake it.
I don’t understand because if it were something wrong with the cables wouldn’t it not burn cds also.

Thank you

oh yeah one more thing when it starts burning, it goes BEEP…click…click…click…BEEP…click…click…click…BEEP…click…click…click…BEEP…click…click…click…


My bad, I forgot that you had a laptop, and not a desktop (you can’t check the cables inside). Try uninstalling the DVD burner in Windows and then reboot to let Windows re-install it.

Ihave tried that but it still doesn’t work. I don’t think it has anything to do with the driver.